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Another Thursday, another great post!


For this week's Post of the Week, the spotlight goes to @Bethany_Dawn for helping a user find the answers to their question. She was helpful and provided the right answers, even when the user reached back with follow-up questions.


Let's dive right in, with the post that started this thread:




Our Rock Star had the answer to this, so she came to the rescue of the user with the following reply right away:




Her reply was clear and included both the link to a Support Site page and a quote of the right answer to help other users with similar questions. 


After that explanation, the user came back with a follow-up question on this: 




But never worry, @Bethany_Dawn had it under control:




Her reply helped the user while remaining friendly, so little wonder her answers were picked as the solution!


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spotify:track:7cU0vhA2rPGrLrapL5blOg @Bethany_Dawn on this one! As recognition of your help, we hope you enjoy the month of Premium heading your way 🎉


We'll see you all in next week's edition!

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Thank you @Katerina ! :D

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Oh! Supernice replies! :)


I recently signed up for Premium Family. And I put my husband and my 2 sons under my "family". a week later they got an email from Spotify and it asked them to verify their address, which they did. Spotify subsequently sent an email to thank them for verifying their address (which is the same as mine). But a day after that, they got removed from my "family". I am dumbfounded and don't know what happened. Can someone please help me? Really really need help here.