Post of the Week: Finding The Family




It's that time of week again!


We love seeing all our Stars figure out any puzzles that users may find themselves in, and this week's example from @mateusgennari is no expection in displaying some stellar investigative work.


Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 16.18.03.png


This user was wondering why they weren't seeing their recently-purchased Premium for Family account. They said that they were "the administrator of a Premium for Family account with three members. Now suddenly I don't have Premium anymore, but my family members still do. What is going wrong?"



Luckily, Mateus' response was clear, concise, and featured some very helpful links that might explain further what could be happening in this situation.


Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 16.26.15.png



This given answer is formatted beautifully; bullet-pointed with bolded highlights, it displays the relevant info clearly to help the user understand what might be happening.


The hyperlink at the bottom is a really neat Help Flow that's designed to specifically help users self-diagnose the potential root of any occurences that they've found on their account. Mateus uses this well in the context of the post to offer the user that further piece of assistance, which could help them figure out what else might be going on from their end.




spotify:track:5I1mfp7mhckMwd5itAI97y:small @mateusgennari for winning Post of the Week this week. Have a free month of Premium on us!



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@mateusgennari great work!

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Nice post and congratulations! ^^





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Nice job, congrats!