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Hey everyone!


A new year may have begun but some things remain constant, like recognition for another week's great post.


So, without any further delay, this week's Post of the Week goes to *insert drumrolls here* @Keanu_C 👏


Why, you say? Well, in this week's post, our Rock Star helped a user that was surprised after his app updated and he was missing the Radio tab:




Here at Spotify, we’re always looking for ways to connect people with the music they love and we recently refreshed Spotify Premium on mobile devices.


The new premium update has 3 tabs: Home, Search, and Library to allow for a deeper, more personal way to find the right music for the moment, or to discover a new path to explore. You can read more here


Armed with this knowledge, @Keanu_C was quick to pop in and help the confused user:





As a thank-you for a great post and helping others here in the Community, here's a month of Premium on us @Keanu_C 🎉 




If you also enjoy helping users in the Community, you too can join the Rock Star Program. Head here for more info and how to apply.


That's a wrap! We'll see you all next week 🙂


Why are radio stations just long playlists now? I enjoyed liking/disliking songs and tailoring my station. Now I'm stuck with whatever Spotify picks for me. What happens when I reach the end of the playlist? Start all over again? I thought the point of radio was to discover new music!

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Great stuff .  Im Artist if anyone looking for new music look me up or want to work together


Hey @ninatoli,


Thanks for your question 🙂


This is currently expected behaviour.


For more information about it, just head over to this thread.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂


Bring back the radio function. This was one of my favorite function and I really dont like the fact that it have to got to a playlist that made for me. I prefer to vote and have the radio station taylored more to I rather be listening to rather than a set playlists.

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I understand that this is the normal behavior now, but it is, for lack of a more creative term, bad. I sat in my car futzing with my phone for ten minutes wondering if I was going crazy. I can make a thumbs up/down station from a song as it's playing, so that is fine. But I went to a trusty old artist radio station and found that it is now a playlist and I can't give feedback on it. What do I do if the artist radio station plays a bunch of things I don't like? I had really fine tuned some stations that I loved, and now the new playlist stations are much lower in quality. 


I think this newly intensified focus on corporate-curated playlists is generally a bad business decision (in the long run). The Spotify experience used to feel like thumbing through albums at a record store. Now, it's more like digging through a bargain bin of prepackaged greatest hits.

New features are fine, but not at the expense of some of the much-loved staples of the user experience. Finding the "Discovery" function is now a chore as well, and I can't help but notice that I'm forced to wade through a gallery of pictures of millionaires before I can find the lesser-known artists I used to enjoy discovering on Spotify. I think it's only a matter of time before the customers with whom Spotify have built a devoted following start to tire of having prepackaged greatest hits crammed down their throats.

I still like the service. I'll still continue with Premium. But I'm disappointed.