Post of the Week: Help with Premium for Family Invitations

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We want everyone in the family to get involved with the tunes. That’s why Premium for Family exists for Spotify.


If anyone has anyone questions about it, they know where to come; as @Maxim proved this week!



Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 14.51.47.png



This user was having some issues with the invitation code for his son. He couldn’t manage to get the sub-account successfully set up. So when he reached out, Maxim thought of a great workaround, to ensure his family would all get rocking sooner…


“I’d recommend that you try to send him the link manually, instead of sending an invite via Email.


Let me know how it goes. :)”


Concise and clear, with that great tone of voice that the Spotify Community ‘Stars have carefully crafted over time.


Great post, Maxim! Congratulations. Let’s get you set up with that month of free Premium.




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Nice job! 🤘

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Congratulations and nice post! ^^ @Maxim



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Well done @Maxim!

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Awesome job @Maxim! Well deserved!


Way to go Maxim, short 'n sweet!


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Well done @Maxim :)

Nice post.