Post of the Week: How can I organize my playlists by 'name of artist' on the app?

Community Manager
Community Manager
‎2017-04-13 12:07 PM

Happy Thursday everyone 😊

You are in for a real sweet 'Post of the Week' treat here. It's so good that we're not going to waste any time with that long pre-announcement silence. You know the one, where we make you wait, and guess who's taking center stage. So, here it is: 🎤 "And, the totally awesome award goes to... @Jacob for this post".

Here we see a user asking how to sort their playlists. @Jacob jumps in with the perfect warm 'Welcome to the Spotify Community!'. He follows up his kind hello with a clear, useful infographic:

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 11.49.23.png


















...'Please let me know if I can help you with anything else :)'

It's often these super simple little tricks that make a difference, and the reply expresses thanks for his advice.


Thought that shining infographic was the best bit? Think again! @Jacob rounds things off with the track... 


Nice touch! 


For this simple, enthusiastic, and beautifully kind help, Jacob's won himself a free month of Premium.

Happy listening, we'll see you all again for 'Post Of The Week' next Thursday


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@Jacob Congrats man! This is a killer post :D


@Jacob Nice one!