Post of the Week: How to make collaborative playlists public?

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Hey everyone,


Hope you're all ready for this weeks Post of the Week!


This week we'd like to congratulate @PigeonXtreme on two tidy posts that prove that a question doesn't need to be answered perfectly in the first post.

We had a user contacting us because he'd like to have his collaborative playlist set to public, something that sounds possible at first.


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We especially enjoyed the users quirky reply!


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We couldn't have said it better. Have a month of Premium on us and this song that we believe fits the context:




See you all next week!

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Awesome post @PigeonXtreme! ^^



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Nice one!

However just an FYI, you can't see the playlist on the owner profile, but if someone of the followers make the playlist public, people can see it on his/her profile instead : )


Boa tarde, foi feito o pagamento normalmente do Spotify em meu cartão já cadastrado no spotify e estou sendo informado que não foi feito. Entrei em contato com o AmericanExpress e foi confirmado a ação de cobrança, assim solicito que verifiquem e corrijam o sistema da Spotify para deixar de acusar o pagamento mesmo já pago.
E péssimo o suporte do Spotify pois não a Sac para atendimento ou email ou telefone e para notificar aos mesmo que já foi pago.
Aguardo retorno!!!!!


This is so cool! Thanks everyone for the kind words. So glad to help out in the community! 

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Making collaborative playlists is a great way to enagage with your community of followers and give real accountability to your fans to keep the content fresh and on-brand! If you don't have to source the music and can still host the platform, there's a ton of value there! It's essentially the wikipedia model, for playlists!