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It's Post of the Week, and I'd like to waste no time introducing our winner. A huge congratulations to Rising Star - @ShadowFoxus 🎉



An ex-Groove music user had reached out with some issues with their Spotify app. After successfully importing over 600 artists, they missed their previous UI. The main problem came from them being unable to quickly find a single artist at any given time. 


@ShadowFoxus saw the post, and jumped right in with a solution. The post was concise, friendly, and accurate. All great characteristics to a perfect reply. 




Don't underestimate the power of Ctrl+F. I'll look into all the ways to do this as I have run into this problem as well. All preliminary searches suggest this feature to search "saved songs" was removed."


"Don't underestimate the power of Ctrl+F." was a great way to come across as friendly and playful, without overstepping the line. It was also exactly the steps the user was looking for. 


To top it off, it's also been marked as a solution! Awesome work @ShadowFoxus!


A month of Premium is on it's way 🙂



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Congrats! @ShadowFoxus


 Nice one @ShadowFoxus!!




It appears that Spotify is afraid that they will alienate the listeners of the likes of jayZ by allowing explicit content to be muted. After all there wouldn't be much left of his so called music if the trashy lyrics were muted. 

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ctrfl-F still NEVER fully recovered from early spotify versions (ie 0.9.7 & below approximatively), I mean it's cool we can use it to search within ONE playlist, but that's about it, if you have say 10000 tracks/(as album pointers) in 300 or 400 playlists, good luck to find anything at all. you can't. even in playlist folders. and since you removed the global bibliotheque as well since those glorious times, we're double screwed.