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Post of the Week, let's take a peek! It's greatness we seek, so of who shall we speak?

She's been here before, but she keeps giving more. With post goodness galore, she's earnt it for sure.

She shines and twinkles, a Community Star. She loves to help, so help's never far...

Have you guessed yet, or are you near?


Yep, that's it, it's @KatesHere.


Back again @KatesHere, well done! This week we're highlighting the awesomeness of this post.


Premium for Family's pretty cool, so it can bring up a few questions. Here we see a user wondering if they can listen to their tunes whilst away, if they join the plan. Kate kindly popped in with a friendly...


"That is a good question.. after you join the Premium for Family plan, you can use your account as you would use a Premium account, including being able to use it while travelling abroad (without the 14-days restriction free ad-based accounts have) and playing music while offline."


Clear and concise, and very very nice 😉


The user was pretty pleased, and before you know if they were up and running with Premium for Family. With just one more question, they then also asked about their account's username.


@KatesHere once again provided the perfect answer, and even rounded things off with a track!

"Have a great Sunday and... spotify:track:18oyq3ocsV8gcp9Ce5zL5v:small"


Worthy of another free month's Premium? We think so! Thanks again @KatesHere


Untill next time folks 🙂 







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Gosh, thanks again!! Oh and @Melody your rhythmical text rocks!!



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Hey @KatesHere!


No worries, it's a really great post.

Keep using the tracks, they work really well!


And thank you, i'm glad you like the write up 🙂



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Congrats @KatesHere!


Short, simple, and to the point - exactly what users expect!


I too enjoyed the rhyming narrative @Melody - reminds me of those times a few friends and I break out in rhymes at the pub just because we can. Our other friends don't like it much, but we find it amusing and such.


Keep on rockin'!

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Hey @kirashi!


Thank you 🙂

...That sounds like lots of fun!


Have a great day