Post of the Week: Lisaaaaaaaaa

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's that time again. The end of the week is near, so Post of the Week is here!


This time our Post of the Week comes from @Lisaaaaaaaaa, with her sparkling screenshots and her helpful, clear advise. A post so great, that we've added a free month of Premium onto her account. 


She quickly provided clarity on this question, check it out! 


Sometimes simple and efficient is best, and we love this post.

 "...if you drag the song whilst clicking those you can rearrange your playlist."


To top it off, there was also a follow up answer from the wonderful @MattSuda here too!

He tied up a few loose ends, just to give the answer that little extra something. It's great to see users and Rock Stars working together isn't it?! Team work makes the dream work.


Thanks Matt, we've also added a free month of Premium onto your account too.


Enjoy folks, and happy listening @Lisaaaaaaaaa@MattSuda :)