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Hey everyone, 


We can't call it Thursday without having a new Post of the Week! This week we'd like to congratulate @AeroZ🎉


Not only has he been helping us on the Community a lot with tracking down Ongoing Issues, he also came up with the perfect solution for this thread (and many others of course).


The user reached out saying that when they create a playlist from a song in their local files folder, the playlist appears on their iPhone but the song is not there.


@AeroZ was on it and replied the following: 




The user replied that this worked, so another good deed was done. 


Great work @AeroZ! Thanks for everything you do, have a month of Premium on us 🙂


See you all next week, and for those who celebrate it: Happy Thanksgiving!


Ironically, unplayable songs is a problem that brought me to the community forums. Still can't get New Perspective by Panic! At the Disco, despite there being a cover of it I found today. 😕

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I have the same problem with that song! I think it's because, unlike other local files, the song used to be on Spotify and I believe is technically still on it (just deactivated or something like that). So when you have a local file of it, Spotify is identifying it as the song on their platform and applying the metadata which makes the local one also unplayable. Just my theory though.

I'm sure your guess is better than mine. Either way, I just want to listen to my favourite song, not the cover by some random dude called Radnor or whatever he was called.


possibility to add personal song in spotify library from ios device