Post of the Week: Lost my phone. Did i lose all my music too?




Hey! It's Thursday again. As everyone is gearing up for the weekend, we're taking a little bit of time to appreciate a post by one of our Rising Stars, @0rangeJuice.


Here's how it all went down:


One user was concerned about their music after losing their phone. They said "I lost my phone did I lose all my music to?". Luckily, their concern didn't last too long as @0rangeJuice swooped in to save the day. 


"Hi Musicalmayhem, I'm sorry to hear you've lost your phone."


BOOM! Straight out the gate with the empathy there. Very nice!


"To reach your playlists you only need to log in to your spotify account on whichever device you want. But if you had playlists downloaded to be able to listen offline that's gone with the lost device (phone) and you're gonna need to download them again on another device."


@0rangeJuice goes on to inform the user that the music is saved to the account and their playlists would still be accessible. Sadly, it's a different story for any offline music. 


So far it's going well. Surely it's time to say goodbye and send the user on their way. Not yet! @0rangeJuice drops another knowledge bomb in the form of a nice little tip for the user.


"Make sure to log out on your lost phone so no one else is using your Spotify account."


A nice little metaphorical cherry on top of an already delicious metaphorical cake.


Well played @0rangeJuice! Enjoy your free month of Premium. 


For anyone who wants to see the whole thing, here it is!


❤️ Also, shout out to all the stars new and old. You folks make this place what it is and none of this could be done without you ❤️

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Rock Star 16

Awesome post, @0rangeJuice! Keep it up! 👌

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Nicely done @0rangeJuice 🙂

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Rising Star 20

Thanks guys! 🙂

Really nice written @Lee means a lot!


No worries @0rangeJuice!


Great post 😄






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Por eso es TAN importante recordar contraseñas! En mi caso, se me dificulta. Si sos como yo, anotalas en un lugar SEGURO, ya que no es recomendable tener contraseñas similares para tus cuentas. Pero iniciar sesión en Spotify a través de Facebook, o con tu cuenta de Google facilita mucho las cosas!. Necesito un post guia para hacer ideas!


Congratulations 👏👏


Thanks guys nice song just like Mad over you download by Runtown


ja fiz o pagamento do boleto e não consigo acessar minha conta premium. como devo proceder?