Post of the Week: Making a new account

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‎2017-02-16 09:27 AM



So, we've come to another Thursday and another week is almost complete! In the true spirit of 'Throwback Thursday', we're throwing back to a post from the past week and celebrating this week's 'Post of the Week'.


But what is this week's 'Post of the Week'?


Well it's this beauty from the awesome @kirashi. Here's what he posted...


'Switching your playlists, saved tracks, and other data to a new account is as easy as eating your favorite pie. (And almost as tasty, too.) Here's how to eat your pie - I mean, how to change your account over:


Get in touch with Spotify Support directly and let them know that you'd like to move things from one account to another. Just provide your usernames or emails for both the old and new account, and possibly the reason you'd like to switch things over.

If you receive an automated email, simply reply and an agent will get back to you as soon as possible. Let me know if I can answer any other questions, and keep on rockin'!'


If I must say so myself, I also like pie! It's the best way to my heart and this post made it to my heart too :)


A witty, but helpful post has made what can sound like a slight annoyance to the user sound as easy as...well...pie!


That's all for this week. Until next time, @kirashi, enjoy a month of free Pie-mium on us ;)

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Great work!! Pie five :D @kirashi

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Nice one! Congrats @kirashi!

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Hahah, great work! @kirashi :D



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Awe thanks guys, pie five to all of you!