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Last week's Post of the Week recognized @leerayl, with a fine post at that!

It’s that time of the week to recognise another one of our awesome Rising Stars. So please stand up and raise your glasses for @osornios!

This super helpful post, in the Android board, was kind, concise and brilliantly wrote:

“Each family member has to have a separate username and password. So the first step is to create new accounts for each new member (if you haven't already).

I suggest creating it with an email address (not the one used for fb, if possible), since you'll be able to pick a Spotify username / password. Using Facebook will not let you do that, and that sometimes causes problems.

You'll now have a Free account, so the next step is for them to join your Family plan through your account (You're the one who pays, so you'll be the Family Admin).

Send the invites to the emails you used to create your new accounts. Accept the invite and you'll be set.

Each will be able to listen to music at the same time, and will have separate libraries, playlists and friends.”

Everything ticked the boxes for a well delivered post.

Great stuff @osornios! It’s awesome to have you on board.




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I'll take the opportunity to thank @meahtenoha @Laura @LordRollin @KatesHere and all other Rock Stars who take the time and effort to give feedback on my contributions. Much appreciated!

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Congrats @osornios! Your contributions are the definition of quality. 

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I'm just going to re-itterate what the others have said too@osornios 🙂 An awesome post, keep it up!

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Congratulations @osornios !! There is not much to add that hasn't already been said, your posts are amazingly good 🙂