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Post of the Week: My G613 play button




Hey all,


A few weeks ago, we came across this post in the "Other" board.


We reached out to our Stars to see if they had any more ideas on how to troubleshoot the issue the user was having with the keyboard, namely that the play/pause button on the keyboard didn't work while gaming.


Fortunately, @CryticalAce stepped up to the plate and was willing to help out by answering this challenging tech-related post with a workaround.


Here's what we loved about it:


  1. He aced the tone of voice, using reassuring phrases throughout
  2. He gave detailed explanations of the terminology he was using where needed
  3. He set out his answer in a clear and easy-to-follow way, using numbered steps


Take a look for yourselves:




Because of that, we're glad to give him a free month of Premium - nice one!


We appreciate your willingness to help out. You are this week's (last action) hero!




Here's to many more to come 🙂

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Great one, well done @ChemicalRageYT! 

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Rock Star 11

Awesome post @CryticalAce! 😁

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Thanks so much guys! Glad it helped out!