Post of the Week: Navigating the digital landscape of Spotify

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Hey everyone, 


Last week's Post of the Week was postponed a bit, but the wait is over, and we're now very happy to announce the top post today.


There were some really good nominees, and this time, we chose a very informative and thoughtful answer made by @Jose_M who helped out with getting around in the Spotify world


The user was curious about the design of the Spotify website, the Help section, and how to get in touch with us (the user's community profile was removed at some point after the post):


And then adds:


There are some really good questions there, but @Jose_M doesn't fret, and manages to answer them all in a comprehensive way, approaching with the same rhythm as the user:



Not only does he address every single question, he also introduces the Community Ideas Exchange board, involves the Community Moderators, compares the search function with the one within the app, and informs about the possibility to link to Facebook or create a new account. All this in one single answer.  


Congratulations @Jose_M, a month of Premium is on its way! 




Stay legend! 


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Rock Star 11

Aww, thank you so much guys! ^^

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Congratulations dear sir @Jose_M!

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Well done @Jose_M

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I can see that you did your best on this one! Perfect post, well done; @Jose_M! 🙂 

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Rock Star 11

Thank you @Guido@Hubo and @Daisy 🙂 I appreciate that.