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Jumping straight in, this week we have a user asking the question Why i cant use offline feature on my PC?


There are many possible answers to this question, but this weeks winner got the answer on their first try. Was it luck? Not this time. This was a keen eyed Rising Star, who took the time to analyse the attached screenshot for clues. Before we get to the answer, let's announce the winner...


Congratulations @IguanaSetup for winning this weeks Post of the Week competition! 





After taking a look at the attached screenshot, @IguanaSetup worked out that the user hadn't created a playlist of songs to download. This was the reason they were having trouble! Take a look at the friendly, informative, and direct answer given here:




You need to convert the Songs/Albums into a playlist first, so you can download them. Click 'New Playlist' on the bottom left to create a playlist;


Check this out for more:


Thank you 🙂



Once the user had the answer, the post was marked as a solution, and they got back with a happy:


thx dude u r the best



The perfect opportunity for @IguanaSetup to RAK the user as a sign off. You can see the RAK and the full conversation right here.


A month of Premium is on the way, @IguanaSetup!





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Congratulations and nice post! ^^ @IguanaSetup



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Thank you @Nico and @Chris 🙂

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Rock Star 6

Congrats Iguana!! Keep rockin on!

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Wonderful work @IguanaSetup