Post of the Week: Paid For Premium but Still on Free Mode




Here we are again! One more week down, and one more Post of the Week to scream and shout about. 


This week's post goes to Top Star @Jacob for helping out, and even sending a sweet resolving playlist to one user! Let's take a look at how it all went down.


The user got in touch, as they'd paid for Premium but weren't seeing any Premium features. 


@Jacob swooped in with "Did you receive a payment confirmation email from Spotify?"


 The user replied saying that he did receive the email. 


"Could you triple check you're logging in with the username included in the receipt confirmation email?"


That did the trick! It looks like the user had just been signing into the wrong account. Easy mistake!


But wait..... there's more!


After the user kindly confirmed that the issue was sorted, @Jacob went ahead and made them this: 


Well played, @Jacob! Enjoy your free month of Premium. If anyone wants to read the full thread, click this little heart <3


:star:️ Shout out to all the stars for all your awesome work :star:️


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Rock Star 13

That Playlist @Jacob it's just awesome, well done!!!


In terms of baseball that was a grand slam in the low ninth losing by 3.

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Great job @Jacob!

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King of the RAK @Jacob

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Rock Star 16

Awesome RAK, @Jacob! Keep it up! :sign_of_the_horns: