Post of the Week: Playlist questions a-plenty!





It's that time of week, again 🗓


As we get closer to the holidays, more and more people are putting together festive playlists. One new user was particularly keen on finding out the logistics of how the playlist would work across multiple devices (after putting together a killer 3 or 4 hours of tunes)...


"Object: Create a list of tunes ~3-4 hours time to be played 'unattented' at a nonprofit, holiday event.


I first downloaded the iOS app (iPad). Then downloaded the Windows desktop app for organizational flexibility. On the desktop I currently have a playlist, Christmas, of roughly the correct total time. I then downloaded all the tunes on the playlist..."


After explaining his situation well and with good detail, someone came to the rescue for this organised user. In this episode, @estebanGramaj0 was our Community hero!


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 15.01.22.png



After a few more interactions, we were gaining more understanding of the user's queries and needs. At the end, @estebanGramaj0 broke it down into a well-written and carefully-worded response that addressed each seperate question...


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 14.55.40.png



I mean, look at that.


The tone of voice, the formatting... It's a work of art in the world of forum posting. 


This was then marked as a solution, So Esteban's knowledgeable response has helped another user. So, Esteban... Job well done indeed. You can be rest assurred that you helped out big time with the effort you went to with this response.




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Community Legend

Good job @estebanGramaj0