Post of the Week: Playlists I'd never listen to starting on their own




Hey folks,


This week, we have a first-time Post of the Week winner who is not one of the usual suspects on the Community.


One of our new Rising Stars, @lilymcauley, brilliantly handled a thread with a user whose account was playing up.




Firstly, Lily correctly identified the issue as an account takeover:




Then, she followed up the fine intro with a spot-on solution, detailing the steps to follow in such a scenario:




She even went the extra mile and attached a screenshot to illustrate what the "sign out everywhere" button looks like in the account overview page - awesome work!


And then, to put the icing on the cake, she added a friendly sign-off for an excellent tone of voice:




We love it when our Stars get it right, and though Lily has only been around for a short while on the Community, she shows great talent and promise already.


And for that, she gets a month of Premium on us - congrats @lilymcauley! 🎉




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That's all from us! See you back here next week.


I have a concern and I'm wondering if anyone has had this happen to them. So my Spotify account logged out by itself. Then when I tried to log back in I couldn't remember my password since i never logged out of it before. So I created a new password, to my surprise my premium was no longer active and ALL the playlists I've put together and saved through the years or no longer there. My Spotify is a wasteland now. Only contains some playlists I saved when I first got Spotify. What the heck happened? 


got a couple playlists made if you could give them a follow and listen that’d be wicked! 


First Northern Heat, Currently BKRS CLB Month, a Playlist focused on Canadian Hip Hop! 


Next up, The Best Vibes Only Playlist! Focused on indie artists in different genres all across the globe!! 


Last but not least, the newest playlist of them all. Best Hip Hop House Party Playlist, focused on some new and must have house party jams! 


If you are and artist and want to get on playlists above and other on Spotify, email *snip* 

Subject line “Spotify Submission”


Hey @Timdj91,


It's quite possible that you've logged into an old account of yours. Don't worry though, your other account should still be active and have all your saved music and playlists, you just need to find it.

We suggest you check out this support article, which should help you locate your other account.


Hope that helps!