Post of the Week: Premium £99 for a year offer - lose a month's subscription ?

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Happy holidays folks! While some have spent time celebrating, some users have spent time worrying about ongoing issues. 


Lucky for them, you've been around this December to lend a helping hand! We'd like to give a big shout out to everyone who's been helping over the holiday period. You know who you are - Thank you!


Now to celebrate one Rising Star in particular. Without further ado, this weeks Post of the Week goes to... @Luke


You can check out @Luke's post here


The original question was,


Hi there,

I'm a premium subscriber, paying £9.99 a month. I've seen the offer for a year at £99 and would like to take it up, but it all reads like it will start immediately. I've just been billed £9.99 for my next month's subscription, so will I lose that £9.99 when I pay for the yearly one ?


Thankfully, @Luke jumped in with, 



when you pay for the yearly offer, you won’t loose the money you already paid. The yearly offer will get added to the month you already paid for.


Have a nice day!



This friendly and informative post lead to a relieved user, and was even marked as the solution. It's a good thing too, because this post has been viewed 571 in just 2 weeks!


Great work @Luke! A month of Premium is on the way :party_popper:






I went to take out another months premium subscription and was confused when my payment was declined, I rang my bank and they say that Spotify is trying to set it up as a recurring payment which is not allowed on my card type....this seems strange to me as I have been a member since 2010!!! (even though my profile says 2012) so have been with you guys since the very beginning and have never had any issues until this latest attempt to upgrade to premium, I can only surmise that you have changed the way the payment is logged or processed recently, my reciepts show this same card being used multiple times to upgrade to premium....whats going on? I cant even gift myself a months subscription...sooo frustrated, you would think spotify would want to keep its loyal members?? someone help! :(


Hi,  I've just signed up for Spotify on the 99p/3 months Premium offer.  I've also been given a gift card, but the website tells me that if I redeem the card I won't qualify for the 3 month offer.  The gift card is valid for 12 months, so can I continue with the 3 month offer, then start to pay the regular £9.99 a month, and then redeeem the gift card after that, but within the 12 month period?


I just got the offer (99eur for 1year) and I paid for it. Just now I saw spotify took another 9.99 off my bank account for this month and on my profile it says I have premium and the next payment done will be 9.99 in january? So I dont understand why I am paying every month still if I already took the whole year and paid for it.. 



Seems i cant use after paying 



Buenas tardes yo me cambien del plan premium al plan familiar premium pero me realizan doble cobro este mes me hicieron dos  cargos por 149  como puedo solucionar esto ?



Eu fazia parte do plano premium e agora entrei para o plano familiar, como sei se vao parar de cobrar os 17 reais mensais?

Gig Goer

Im sure Im not the only person who has been ripped off by spotify. It seems to be their business model, you sign up for a service that they won't  deliver, yet they go into you account and steal your money, when you try to recover,they just screw you over and tun you around. these people are thieves!!