Post of the Week: Premium Upgrade not being recognized on devices

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Hey everybody!


It's Post of the Week time. This week, the prize goes to a Rising Star who consistently provides very friendly and welcoming replies, and is always willing to contribute to discussions even though there isn't a clear answer on the topic.


This user had just upgraded to Premium and listed a couple of questions: POTW3_3.PNG


Even though there were some tricky ones there, it was no biggie for @merlijnv2000, who replied with the following, friendly as ever: 



The message had a very good vibe, and each point gave brief but efficient info/steps to take, not going too far in terms of explanation as the post is split into several questions. The user gave a Like and was very happy:POTW3_Useranswer.PNG


Everyone give a round of applause to @merlijnv2000 for this awesome post. A month of Premium is on its way ^^


Until next week!




Thank you so so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this! Love this community ❤️

Rock Star 1
Rock Star 1

Great post and congratulations! @merlijnv2000! ^^




This is fab! Love the structure 🤩


Keep it up @merlijnv2000!



Great job. I’m learning so much being apart of this community. 🔥


I know this is the wrong place to write a review for a podcast but spotify doesnt have a review section 🙄. "Good Moms Bad Choices" is literally**bleep**! Being a mother of two at 25, it's super liberating to know that I can relate to other "real" moms out there. Love your podcast, keep up the good work! 


Hey @Sademarkel24,


Thanks for your review 🙂


Did you know we now have a new monthly podcast series in our Music Chat section? The one for February was published this week - makes sure to check it out here.


Stay awesome!