Post of the Week: Premium lost

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Community Manager

Post_of_the_week-green.pngBig congratulations to this week's Post of the Week winner... 🥁


Top Star - @LordRollin!


After switching phones, a user found that all of their Premium features had vanished. 


They reached out to our Community to find out more, and @LordRollin provided answers. 



A thorough explanation, and a friendly sign off has earned @LordRollin this weeks win!


You can check out the whole post here


A month of Premium is on the way @LordRollin!


Keep... spotify:track:3IV4swNduIRunHREK80owz

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Rock Star 10

Yay! Thanks!

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Rock Star 8

Hey congrats @LordRollin!!!!!

Enjoy your premium month! 😀


How do I contact spotify directly about my account? Number or email would help please



While listening music on a Windows 10 laptop suddenly the computer freezes and I have to reboot. Reinstalled latest app version to no avail. Any help?



I'm struggling to find a way to send the direct message to Spotify or to start a new thread so trying here...


I've had issues with my account and it was reset by Spotify meaning I now need to upgrade to Premium again. This option still seems to be available via home page, however when I click on upgrade it only give me 3 options:


1) pay for student subscription 

2) pay for 1 year premium 

3) pay for Family premium 


None of these options are suitable. I just want to pay 9.99 a month as I was before? How do I do this? Or has this option been removed? In which case you need to remove it from the home page and update your current users. 14.99 is above my music budget. 



Why ,when I make a playlist,I don't get what I asked for?All I get is junk that I don't want and I have to keep clicking next and yeah,just try calling or making contact with the company,good luck with that.It is just $10.44 worth of agravation.How can they stay in business for long with this kind of customer service?I was on the phone with capital one and even they couldn't make contact with a person at spotify.


I have a non-paying account so how do I listen to music (with ads, I assume) as a non-premium member?





This solution to premium lost does not help me at all.  Yesterday my premium account was working okay, today I am reduced to a free account which is no good to me since I listen through sonos.


Only only have one account.  I have checked and there is only one account.


I need a solution to this.  My wife is saying let's go back to deezer.