Post of the Week: Problems to join family plan

‎2017-04-20 11:43 AM



As always, Thursday has come rushing round the corner. That means it’s time again to celebrate the warm-hearted work of our Stars.


Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.24.11.pngThis week, we’d like to shine a light on Rising Star @DefaOne. His tone of voice is consistently kind, helpful, and empathetic, setting the standard for all across the Community. The post we’ve chosen highlights just how far employing this skill goes in creating a good rapport whilst simultaneously solving an issue.   


As the title suggests, a user got in touch having experienced an issue when trying to join a Premium for Family subscription, writing:


‘…it says I don't live in the same place as my sister, who's the one that send me the invite, how can I fix the problem? Please help me!’


In this example, we can be pretty sure that the case will need to be escalated to our other support channels. Nevertheless, @DefaOne warmly greets the user with a ‘Hey! Let me see if I can help :)’ and asks questions that signal a thorough understanding of the issue. This demonstrates that he’s taken the time and care to really listen to, and understand their problem.


Having clarified that the user (1) shares his sister’s address and (2) is logged in to the correct account, @DefaOne thanks them for trying his suggestions and directs them to our other channels with polite, conversational concision. It’s all here:




          Thanks for trying my suggestions


          In this case I would suggest you contact Spotify support:


         @SpotifyCares on Twitter or Facebook. If you do not have Facebook or Twitter                  please use this contact form.


As a result of @DefaOne’s friendly and helpful approach, the user (unsurprisingly) replies with an informally warm ‘Thanks dude!’. From everyone here in the Community, we’d like to share the sentiment.


As a thank you for your hard work and smiling writing style, we’ve added a month of Premium to your account - enjoy!