Post of the Week: Radio function is missing




Hey folks,


This week's POTW from @Luke (who, you might remember, won a month of Premium at the start of the month) is a special one. 

A user came to us asking us about some changes they had noticed in the UI of the app, which meant they could no longer find their Daily Mixes or Spotify Radio. 

They shouldn't have worried, though: our trusty Rock Star Luke went above and beyond to show them the changes in the new mobile version of the app by including some fabulously annotated screenshots.

Have a look for yourselves:



We love it when we see Stars go the extra mile to make the members of the Community feel cared for. 


And for that, Luke gets another month of Premium, on us! 



Keep rocking 🤘

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I know that you are given some parts of lyrics when you watch the "deeper into the lyrics" but I suggest that Spotify should include full lyrics, just like Apple music. I love how Apple music includes the lyrics.