Post of the Week: Twitter Teachings




It’s that time again.


Seven days on, and the Stars continue to shine. Not just on the Community, but the cluster of Stars who constellate the @AskRockStars twitter handle are also brighter than ever.


This week, we’re honouring the solid work of @Stereochromatic!


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 15.56.01.png



What you're about to see is a perfect example of when Twitter Stars reach out proactively, to offer knowledge and prove the existence of the support network to unsuspecting Twitter users. This is a particularly positive example, in which the user registered with the Community to vote for an existing idea.


This was the idea...


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 15.07.46.png


A very popular idea indeed! 


So, @Stereochromatic got to work. Firstly, introducing with a great tone of voice, before educating the user on the existence of the Community and the linking to the relevant idea:


"Hey Agnes! Cool idea. You could vote here to show Spotify you'd like to see your playlist followers."



The user was super-keen to know that others felt the same way. She imediately responded to let the Star know that she'd voted. She then asked if the "Spotify team actually looks at [Ideas] while preparing new versions"?


The answer is yes, of course! So our Star then educated them on where to go to find out about the status of all the Ideas on a monthly basis:


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 15.30.35.png



So, there you have it. Another great example of how reaching out proactively on Twitter helps users realise that the help's out there for them. And they come out of it with new knowledge of where to go for next time.






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Community Legend

Thanks so much!! 😄 I'm glad you like my work on Twitter!


You're welcome, @Stereochromatic!


Keep it up, it's great stuff 🙂


I hope you also mentioned that people have been voting for it for four-and-a-half years.


...and its status is Not Right Now.


Good to know Spotify is listening to the customers 

Music Fan

This is really intresting , i am following this news up in better hope