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Anyway, less of the small talk - we're here to share a great Post of the Week from one of our newest Rising Stars, @CryticalAce


So here's the story; a user reached out to us with a slight problem with the sound quality of their Spotify playback.  Then @CryticalAce stepped in with the following super helpful post...


Hey BuggyBug,

Sorry to hear about your issues, I think the reverb may be caused by one of your phones settings, the best way to check is go to your Spotify settings and scrolling down to Equalizer and tap on it, you will likely get a warning box, that is ok, it will then take you to Sound Alive and here you can check your settings or even reset them to default if you wish!

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Thankfully, this was all the user needed to do and his issue was fixed.


This awesome post not only helped the user, but it also explained why the steps should help. It also explained any possible hiccups that might pop-up, whilst advising the user in a friendly tone that this should be expected.


All-in-all, a great post! So please all join me in congratulating @CryticalAce with the Post of the Week for this week.


A month of Premium is heading your way :)

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Welcome and congrats! :)

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I didn't know there was such a thing as 'too much reverb'! ;)

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 Awesome post! :) @CryticalAce

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Thanks so much everyone!


good job man!




I'm still having this problem, but I'm on a desktop. I played the song "Cheap Thrills" and the vocals were fine, but I played "Believe" by Josh Groban (from the Polar Express) and the vocals were entirely washed out, like I was only listening to the reverberation (I've been working in the sound industry for some time now, so I know a little bit about this) and no actual vocals. I can't find an EQ on the desktop version so I don't know what to do. Help?


i too have far too much unwanted reverb and to use a desktop and a laptop.   when played through my soundbar makes my favourite songs sound rubbish and before we start passing the buck and trying to blame the Soundbar - NO ITS NOT THAT!!!How about addressing this problem - paying for premium service and feel like i'm not getting it !!!


I, too, have a horrendous amount of reverb on playback that can't be gotten rid of. And I go to my settings and find that ther is NO setting for equalizer. anywhere. I use a mac laptop that is up to date. What gives, Spotify?



Count me as another dissatisfied customer on a laptop (Mac Sierra) with the same problem. The reverb is truly excessive and of ugly quality, you can hear it tailing off at length after you hit stop. On the advice of one site, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled a new one. No change. I'm going to have to uninstall myself from Spotify because it is beyond tolerance.