Post of the Week: carl_harris

Post of the Week: carl_harris

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Raise your praise hands high, it’s Thursday, and you know what that means- Post of the Week! This Thursday, like every Thursday, we take a moment to salute the hard work put in by our Community champions.


This week, rising star @carl_harris steals the show with this brilliant post.






Carefully identifying the issue, and offering a layered and thoughtful response, we were impressed by his willingness to go that extra mile to help improve the user’s experience of the app. In this rightly lauded post, we find a user confused by downloaded tracks.


When a user gets confused things can get, well, confusing. Users don’t always explain their issue in the clearest way- sometimes the hardest part can be identifying what exactly is happening. Seeing as being a mind reader or a master riddler aren’t requirements for offering exceptional support, there’s no shame in clarifying things. Check out how @carl_harris expertly reiterated the issue in simpler language to make sure he was on the same page, whilst maintaining that empathetic TOV:


‘I understand.. so you don't want the music which you've saved to 'your music' on Spotify to be automatically downloaded on your iPhone and consume space’


Problem established, he goes on to offer a simple solution. A solution that is made even more coherent and precise with the addition of some extra info about how this will help. This kind of crystal clear clarity is exactly what users are looking for when they ask for help on the Community.


‘ All you have to do is go onto your phone application and swipe the switch across at the top of the 'Song's' list. This will mean you'll have to use internet or 4G to listen to the songs on the go, but you won't consume any space.’


A post doesn’t get much better than that does it? Well, actually, yeah it does if you’re a certain @carl_harris. On top of everything else, he offers an extra nugget of guidance to help the user better manage their phone’s memory. This kind of knowledge sharing and idea exchange is exactly what the Community is all about.


So, a round of applause @carl_harris. Have a month of Premium on us 🙂