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Prepare yourself... it's time for Post of the Week!

This week we're taking a look at one user with a simple question:


"If I subscribe for 3 months for 0.99$ can I later, when 3 months period expire, cancel that and sign for student discount?"


A simple, but great question. One that I imagine a fair amount of users will be typing into their search engines!


The answer to this question was provided by our PotW Winner: @imattolo 🎉


His answer was friendly, informative, concise, and accurate! The perfect combo, and an answer that could possibly be read by thousands and thousands of users. 


Marked as the solution, here's what @imattolo wrote:


"Hey, welcome to the community!


Of course, you can join your 3 months for 0,99$ trial if you've never had a Spotify Premium subscription.


When the promotion expires, you can apply for a Student discount


Waiting for you onboard! 🙂"


You can find this thread right here. Great job @alimattoch! A month of Premium is on the way 🙂



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Rock Star 17

Congratulations! ^^ @imattolo

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Well done @imattolo !

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Thanks guys! 💫


Yo, i wanted to leave you a voicemail over this, spotify.. You removed XXXTentation from your playlist alrogithm. You said it was blah blah blah, **bleep** your reasons. Now that hes been killed hes plastered all over your playlists. 


Like i said, id rather call you and tell you so you can hear the tone of my voice. Its f**ked up that you flipped your policy based on a murder. Profiteering at its finest. Ive loved your services, loved em. Ill be dropping Spotify as a streaming service. I hope to find one that doesnt remove content for personal reasons, only to return the artist to the FRONT PAGE after theyve been murdered. 


May you live forever. all of you. you should have left him in the algorithm and let artists be. now youve shown you're willing to change your colors based on violent events, but somehow hold standards regarding violent content? your streaming service has shown the employees behind it have NO consistent values. 


May you all live forever. I didnt play his albums back to back, im not a die-hard fan. BUT i appreciated his content and message while he was alive. It seems you only appreciate his content and message after fatal shootings. 


May you all live forever.


Ex-Loyal customer,


**bleep** my name.