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It’s Thursday, and we’re feeling thankful. Time for the Post of the Week…



The Post of the Week recognizes members of our Community who do a great job of helping folks out with all things Spotify.


This week, our golden post comes from the one and only @oligussenhoven, whose awesome attitude has earned him a free month of Premium – enjoy!


Not one to shy away from going the extra mile, oligussenhoven smoothly took charge of this user's issue, offering clear steps with a kind voice:



 If you wanna go ahead and open the settings app, and tap mobile data (which is right under bluetooth and Wi-Fi) then touch the toggle to turn on your cellular.


                                                                                                          - @oligussenhoven


Not only did he tie a smile to his troubleshooting, he also included the perfect screenshot: simply annotated and easy to follow… classy move, Oli!


This kind of - dare I say it - community spirit is what makes this such a great place to come together. So from all of us here in the Community, @oligussenhoven:


Please sir, can we have some more?



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Haha excellent song choice @Leo


And great job @oligussenhoven!