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Community Manager


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You voted. We listened. 


This week we rolled two of the top requests from our users: Pictures on their Profile and Customizable Playlists


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In the Spotify Community Idea Exchange over 7,800 of you voted for personalized playlists--making it our number one request. 


The ability to edit the picture on your profile was close behind with 6,400 votes (making it our fourth most popular request).


So we built it for you. 


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 3.29.47 PM.png


Now you can test these features on your Desktop app (please be sure you have the 1.0.21. update). 



Please note we have guidelines around the images you can use. You can find our Profile & Playlist User Image Guidelines here.

 playlist editing 2.jpg


Thanks for continuing to bring your feedback to the Ideas Exchange. We're listening. 



This one is soo nice! 



been waiting for this for atleast like 1 year. 


"been waiting for this for atleast like 1 year"

You must be new here...


I hope the next thing is that Spotify remove or change the download limit. I´ve 64GB on my phone only for spotify. I would like to download more than 3,333 songs per device.
Please, i know the most of the users don´t reach the limit but the users who reach it, its anoying. I pay 10€ per month and i like to download more than 3,333 tracks. I dont buy songs on amazon. I also dont want download it illegal but there is no other way when theres a limit.

Please Spotify i NEED MY MUSIC <3


Nov.11,2016 Can not upload a profile photo . Nothing happens when I hover over profile pic avatar . Desktop . Have account . Live in USA . 


Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 8.23.22 PM.pngHi, every time I try to upload a new photo for my playlists, I'm stuck in the loading stage with my pictures.  The pictures load so i can view pictures in all other applications, but for some reason i get stuck on the loading screen when i try to access my photos through the spotify app.