Rock Star Updates Anniversary

Community Manager
Community Manager

One year ago today we announced some changes to our Rock Star Program. We introduced our Stars to:

So, what does the Rock Star Program look like 365 days later?


We thought we'd break it down into numbers for you with what we've given away for FREE to the Stars this year:


1 SONOS PLAY:3 speaker

sonos 3.png


1 Urbanears headphones


1 set of Spotify ping-pong balls

ping pong balls.png



1 Hack Week tote bag

hack week.jpg


2 Spotify aluminum water bottles



4 SONOS PLAY:1 speakers

sonos 1.png

5 Rock Star Hoodies



7 Stars in the Features Beta Group

beat group.png


10 trips to Stockholm, Sweden




11 Rock Star Shirts



18 Spotify Lanyards


20 Spotify pens



25 Spotify Beach Balls

beach balls.png

79 months of Free Premium




And how does the Rock Star Program look a year later?


120 - Active Stars in the Rock Star Program

RSP orange burst copy (1).jpg


15,200 - Tweets from @AskRockStars

 askrockstars (2).jpg


What have we learned?

You guys really like beach balls. 


Looking forward to the next 12 months!







Rock Star 9
Rock Star 9

For those with Sonos 1, can you tell if it's worth? I want one for my bathroom! And did you also tested it in bigger rooms, is it good? xD

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Marco & @blake & @osornios could probably give some feedback about the SONOS PLAY:1

Rock Star 28
Rock Star 28

@MartinStoichkov Yea, they are tiny but quite heavy for their size.

The sound is pretty impressive for such a small device and the volume... let's just say you will never get past half volume without your neighbours wanting to kill you (or join the party) ;D


The real sound pleasure starts with 2 of those - simply amazing!

Got 2 in my living room now as stereo pair and they truly fill the whole room with sound.


I'd say go for it! :)

Rock Star 9
Rock Star 9

Woah, thanks @Marco, that's what I wanted to hear! 
I read reviews on their site, but I wanted some honest feedback from people who have it, and I didn't imagine they'll be so amazing for real. 

I'm afraid I have bad neighbors, expect if I don't play some old communism songs haha, so it wouldn't be a surprise if I mysteriously disappear from the community! 

I'm definitely looking forward to get one now, thanks : )

Rock Star 21
Rock Star 21

I have the Play:3 and it's incredible. Saving up for another for the kitchen.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Update: We currently have these in numbers in stock @blake @MartinStoichkov @Marco.


PLAY:5 - one in stock

PLAY:3 - one in stock

PLAY:1 - one in stock


However, if these are incredibly popular we could reconsider getting these instead of other prizes. Feedback welcome...

Rock Star 9
Rock Star 9

@Meredith I personally prefer them and I think it'll be cool if we have more "sound stuff" in prizes (now I really miss in-ear headphones). But as far as I see the orders from the other stars, the little ones are more popular. 

btw: What happens if you have 1 in stock, but 2 stars order it?

Rock Star 28
Rock Star 28

@Meredith I haven't decided yet if I choose another Play 1 or save up for a Play 5. But if any star needs a device that's only once in stock, I'll step back since I'm kinda set already.


Those speakers are truly amazing and personally I think they are the best prices in that list (besides Premium) - so it might not hurt to get more. ;)

Community Legend

Happy one year anniversary RSP 2.0! And I agree, I got a beach ball and it's super awesome... Plus, those pens are the most comfortable ones, I love them! And patiently saving to get an Urbanears pair of headphones *.*


Here's to a great year!


Community Legend

The Beachball 💖

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @MartinStoichkov if two Stars order it but there's one in stock, it goes to the person that placed the order first. 


However, it's great to know that 'sound' oriented prizes are what you all prefer. I'll see what we can do :)


@Meredith I'm saving up for the Sonos PLAY:1. :D And who doesn't like beachballs?

Rock Star 21
Rock Star 21

If you're a music junkie, you won't be disappointed with the PLAY:1. The whole Sonos experience is great, even their customer support.


I'm saving for another one too, so hopefully they'll still be in stock.

Rock Star 3
Rock Star 3

Can confirm: The SONOS Play:1 is amazing for its' size. A restaurant in my favorite little tourist town of Tofino, BC uses 2 of these little speakers to cover their entire seating area. While they're not a large scale restaurant, the 2 Play:1 speakers create a nice ambiance and sound great in their cozy space.


@Meredith, I'm on the Sound-Oriented prizes train too. choo choo! My recommendation would be Logitech's UltimateEars UE 900S In-Ear Earbuds, if possible.


They're around the same pricing as some of the SONOS speakers, and aren't the crazy-expensive studio-grade monitors they sell, so I figure they might be a good choice for the audophile in all of us. :)