Skill Development: getting started with self-care

Skill Development: getting started with self-care

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New year, new awesome stuff on the way! Being part of the Star Program means continually learning new skills, growing individually, and growing as a team. This month we had our first Skill Development call with the topic of Self Care, led by @AmyPenistone from the Community team. Amy is part of the Heart & Soul Ambassadors, a mental health initiative at Spotify to normalize having conversations about mental health.


Taking good care of yourself is very important, not just when you’re having a bad day but every day! With Amy’s help, we went on to learn how to identify stress and cope with it. Amy presented us a self-care framework with five elements helping us connect with ourselves, and providing concrete tips to bring into practice.


We asked a couple of Stars what they took away from the first Skills Development call, and here’s what they said:


@Billy-J: “Self-care is important and it's something that everyone should work on every day - not just when times get hard.”


Star: “Doing self-care doesn’t have to be a big/grand gesture every day, it can be something small, such as: taking a walk after a long day.” 


@Hubo: “I’m so glad we had a call about this topic after being through a bit of a rough patch. Something that I’m definitely going to try is practicing self-care everyday and not concentrating it on a single day every once in a while.”


The main thing to keep in mind about self-care is that it’s everyday essential maintenance, not something you do when you’re overwhelmed. Also, it’s good to make sure your ‘stress bucket’ doesn’t overflow! If we can manage and understand our own unique helpful and unhelpful coping strategies we’ll find identifying what’s happening and what we need in these situations much easier. Last but not least: you can make your own self-care framework with these five ‘well-being ways’: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn and Give.


If you need some prompts to help you reflect, you can ask yourself these questions, depending on how you’re feeling at the time:

  • What’s good in my life today?
  • Who am I grateful for today?
  • What went well today?
  • What makes me feel in control?
  • Am I letting matters that are out of my control stress me out?

This video can give some insight on how to reframe unhelpful thoughts. 


Getting back into work after the New Year’s, this call was timed perfectly. No better way to start the new year learning new things and giving yourself the care that you need!


This call was open to all Stars from the Spotify Star Program. If you’d like to develop new skills, share your passion for music and help others get the most out of Spotify, be sure to check out what the  Spotify Star Program is all about!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Love this summary @Hubo 😄
What a wonderful call!


This is a great round-up of the session! 😁So glad it was beneficial and that there were some good takaways for you all

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Great job @Hubo and @AmyPenistone!


I'm a big fan of verbal prompts, which I find help me reframe certain thoughts or channel them in a healthier way.


The one that resonates the most with me right now is "What makes me feel in control?" - simply asking the question gets me to think about my relationship with control (not an easy one, I tell ya...) and be mindful of it.


I also just wanted to redirect to a recent (and perfectly-timed) post from @SpotifyPodcasts on the new Mental Health hub in the Spotify app.


Link to the post:


Link to the hub:




this is great, thanks @Peter ! I didn't actually know this existed prior to this post so thanks for sharing 🙂 I'll aim to share this hub with a wider audience too! 


Get plenty of sleep! I know that advice is so universal it's almost lost its meaning, but I swear when I get good sleep (7-9 hours) the rest of my day falls into place. Even if it seems like there's less time to do things, I am more focused and productive and can do more in less time.

Something I've also started doing is noticing when I'm in a good mood and being mindful of what I did during the day to put me in that mood. For me I've realized there are little things I can do during the day for myself to help me feel happier- reading, practicing guitar or piano, talking to/seeing friends, wearing actual clothes and making my hair/makeup look nice, etc...these are things that automatically boost my day. For others it may be completely different things, but if I can be mindful and include most or all of these things into my life every day, I notice that I'm automatically a happier and more content person. Cheers! <a href="">net worth planet</a>


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Thank you for this extensive summary @Hubo!

I am a new user, trying to navigate my way around the Spotify Community and trying to understand about the Star Program.


The 5 question prompts in the bottom have already made my day a lot better by shifting my focus to the positive things in my life. 
Completely agree with @clarkritta point on getting adequate sleep as well.


Looking forward to interact more with you people in the future!


Nice Appreciated for your work... Really Great Step. I love to read all content.

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Very good text!


Thank you so much for thinking of me with this amazing gift. I've been using it every day and everyone always asks me where I got it from! It makes the workday even better already.


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