Sonos Software Update 4.1

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Everyone loves music. Especially our friends at Sonos. They're striving to bring you the all the music on earth faster, and easier. And they’ve done just that with their latest Sonos software update


Sonos customers who use Spotify can now view playlist folders from within the Sonos app. You and your friends can add, edit, and continually update your playlists. Also, you can use either Facebook account credentials or Spotify account credentials to add a Spotify account to Sonos.


This update is about more than just Spotify playlists. New Sonos Software v 4.1 also makes it easier to create Sonos playlists across the Sonos Controller. Now you can create playlists selecting tracks from multiple music sources.


Download the newest Sonos update by going to System Settings > Check for Updates.


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We're currently working with Sonos to get everything sorted. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

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Sonos are doing an offer at the moment £249 for the internet/newtork Bridge bundled in with the player and you can send it back within 60 days if not for you. I got a system on Saturday and it is staggeringly good.