Spotify Community Rock Star Program

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Hello Spotify lovers!

Have you ever shown a friend how to sync a playlist? Ever explained how Spotify works to a group of people? At Spotify, we know users helping users is something special.


That’s why we’ve created the Spotify Rock Star Program to recognize awesome contributors. You can earn points in the Rock Star Program by:


  • Answering questions here in the Spotify Community.
  • Answering questions via our @AskRockStars Twitter channel.
  • Writing Blog/ Knowledge Base articles
  • Participating in the Music Room
  • And much more

By helping out you can then earn points to redeem for prizes, such as:


  • Premium codes.
  • Spotify gear. 
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Curated Playlists
  • Beta groups
  • And more

Want to join the Rock Star band? Let us know by filling in this short application form here.


Those interested in helping us on Twitter at @AskRockStars should also take this Twitter survey. Those selected will then receive access to our tool for finding great tweets to help others.





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Community Legend

Looking forward to seeing you around the community guys! 🙂 


Keep sharing the Spotify love too! 

Music Fan

OK, so we all know we are 'Rock Stars' but the extra validation and premium would be nice.. 🙂



I am a regular Spotify salesperson!  I have had a few people that became premium members thanks to my showing them the application, tell me I should be working for the company.  lol  😉


Looking good!

Casual Listener

Such a long time Premium user and supporter of Spotify, I'd love to be a Rockstar (IRL too!)

Community Legend

Looking forward to seeing you guys around the community! 🙂 


I really am interested in becoming a spotify rock star. 

Community Legend

@yajtyler wrote:

I really am interested in becoming a spotify rock star. 

Rising stars are reguarly added to the program upon recommendation by the rock star team or by the staff. Just be active and helpful around the community and I have no doubt you will be noticed! 😉


I'm a great cantidate for this.  I try and get everyone I know involved with the service, make it so easy to get music from every person I know.

Community Legend

@FreakinScreamer - Glad to hear it! I look forward to seeing you around the community! 🙂


Hello, My name is Ralph:

Would you be able to decsribe to me how to my personal photo to my Spotify account?

warm regards,


Community Legend

Hey Ralph 🙂 


Currently the only way to add a photo to your Spotify profile is to connect your account to Facebook (from Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Social Network > Connect to Facebook). It is not possible to upload a photo to use directly to Spotify, although that has been suggested as a future idea over on this topic

Music Fan

Will Rockstars get to visit the New York City office? That's where I am located! I just learned about your Panel for Social Media Week in NYC, had I known sooner you guys would be there I would have applied for a badge! I was so busy with other trade shows I skipped applying for my creds this year and now I really want to attend that event!


Working hard to move up to Rockstar! 🙂

Community Legend

@ascending1 - Never visited the US office, but I did have a sneaky trip to Stockholm during the summer (which you can read about here). 


Looking forward to seeing you around the community! 😄

Music Fan

Great post, great pictures too! Congrats, sounds like a killer trip!


Community Legend

So we have to become a Rising Start before applying to be a Rock Star?

Community Legend

@pnc Yeah 🙂 You have to be a Rising star before you can become a Rock Star. 

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No need to apply to be a Rock Star. You apply (or get selected) to be a Rising star, then Rock Stars are chosen from the group of Rising Stars after a period of time (normally a few months). 😉

Want to join hehe!

Community Legend

@JCdotnl - Awesome! Look forward to seeing you around the community! 😄