Spotify Connect: The new way to play at home

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Today, in collaboration with the leaders in home audio, Spotify launches Spotify Connect - a new home audio experience giving you effortless control of your music across your phone, tablet and speakers with millions of songs built right in. Simple, seamless and hassle-free.


Bring your music home. You’ve just walked through the door, listening to your favourite playlist on your phone. With Spotify Connect, simply hit play on your living room speakers and the music instantly fires up, right where you left off - making sure you never miss a beat. 


Then pick up your tablet to keep controlling the music from your sofa, or seamlessly switch the sound to your iPod Touch in the kitchen’s docking station. 


None of the hassle. Thanks to Spotify Connect, you won’t need to rely on unstable connections to stream music between your devices. No longer will incoming phone calls, loss of signal range, or watching a video spoil the party. 


Unlike other wireless music solutions, using Spotify Connect won’t drain your battery. Plus you can continue to use your phone or tablet to call friends or start playing your favourite game without missing a beat.


Choose your home speaker system. Spotify Connect will be available on a wide range of speakers and home audio systems from music hardware specialists including Argon, Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Marantz, Philips, Pioneer, Revo, Teufel and Yamaha, with further brands coming soon. Look out for the Spotify Connect logo on compatible systems. 


Spotify Connect will roll out to Spotify Premium subscribers on iPhone, iPad and home audio systems over the coming months, with Android and desktop updates to follow. Check out the video here: 


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Can't wait for this! 😄 




Very nice idea!!


But I have a question: I bought 3 months ago a 1300€ Pioneer AV receiver (model SC-LX56). This receiver has Airplay, DLNA and Wifi built-in... should I expect a firmware update from Pioneer to enable Spotify Connect or this collaboration with those "leaders in home audio" will enable Spotify Connect only in the new coming devices?


I mean, I am a Premium user, and I would LOVE to play my playlist right into my new Pioneer AV receiver. Given that both my telephone and tablet are running Android, this could be easly done through DLNA connection (like Google Play Premium does), so, if it happens that Spotify Connect is finally available only for new devices and NOT for equipment that is already in the market, will Spotify support DLNA so users like me can listen to the music thorugh the hi-fi systems?? 

That´s really excellent news! Can't wait.

Hi Guys,


I've one question. What about Reciva ( platform? Spotify Connect will be support this platform? If Yes, I'll be so happy!


Thank You



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Fantastic idea! Love it.

Does it also give a Spotify Wi-Fi basestation that lets you convert your existing stereo into a cloud-powered sound system? Like Sonos Connect or Logitech Squeezebox Touch.



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@Evergreen74 Great question! Pioneer is a launch partner and most devices with a Wi-Fi chip "should be" compatible. Compatibility is based on you device having a SMSC or Frontier Silicon chip. Also, you'll need to wait for the rollout which has started for a small percent of users to reach you. We're working on getting a list of devices together so I'll come back to this thread shortly as soon as I have an answer.



@_M-I-K-I_  Reciva isn't currently a launch partner but we're working to bring more partners on board in the future.



@user-removed At the moment, we don't yet have a Wi-Fi base-station that lets you convert your existing stereo into a cloud-powered sound system.

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Thx Rorey.

Will be a wonderful opportunity as Logitech give it us on the Squeezebox range and drop the Touch version. Sonos Connect is expensive.

Hope that someone will cover this gap...  as not everybody will invest in a new wifi speaker to listen Spotify.

A small basestation to add in any existing stereo will be a product I will directly buy and benefit to a very good sound.

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Great idea! Will this eventually also make it possible to control the desktop app from your phone?

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@ebookholt Once the rollout on desktop and mobile is complete, this will be possible.

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That's great, thanks for the info!


I'm new here, so hi to all 🙂
I have a few questions about this new feature.

I see that Yamaha Europe product pages now list the Spotify Connect feature but the latest firmware on Yamaha website is from June... So is the feature really available? I would go out and buy a new Yamaha AVR right now if Spotify Connect works on it.

Another question is, when can we expect Spotify Connect support on Android app? I don't understand how your rollout works, is it completely random who gets it first? Any way to apply for being one of the first ones to get it?

How can i know if i have the feature if i don't have a compatible receiver at the moment (i understand that the Connect button only shows up if you have a compatible receiver to connect to on the same network)?

And if i buy a Yamaha AVR that has Spotify Connect feature, would i be able to use it as a standalone Spotify player until the Connect feature rollout reaches my Android devices?

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Hey @poisike . Welcome to the community!


So is the feature really available?


Yes we've started rolling out to a small amount of iOS users but you'll have to wait until later this year for the feature to be available on Android. I'd recommend waiting until the Yamaha supported products are announced in your market to be sure. We'll be announcing these in the near future.


Another question is, when can we expect Spotify Connect support on Android app?


The feature is currently under development but unfortunately we can't say exactly when it will be available. Be sure to check back here for regular updates. We're definitely bringing the feature to Android in the future. 


How can I know if i have the feature if I don't have a compatible receiver at the moment?


We'll be announcing supported devices in the coming weeks but the easiest way is to look for the following logo on Connect support devices on the shelves. 




If I buy a Yamaha AVR that has Spotify Connect feature, would I be able to use it as a standalone Spotify player until the Connect feature rollout reaches my Android devices?


You'll need to wait for the rollout to reach your Android device to interface with your Yamaha AVR. I hope that answers your questions!




Thanks for the fast reply and information Rorey!


This years Yamaha AVR's have this logo, at least on their European website.

Example >


To clarify my question, Yamaha AVR with Spotify Connect can't play music from Spotify without using Spotify app with Connect feature? There is no way to start playback with AVR remote?


You said the feature has been rolled out to small number of IOS users, is the rollout completely random or can i do something to get it on my iPad (I have a iPad 4 too, but i don't use it much).

If the rollout reaches my iPad, will the Connect button show up even if i don't have a compatible receiver on my home network? If not, how do i know if i have this feature?



EDIT: I found the answer to my Yamaha AVR question in that video >

It seems you need to use Spotify app to start playback, at least thats whats written on the monitor (in German). Thats kind of stupid, considering how slow the app rollout probably will be. Why isn't it possible to start playback using only the AVR?

And this raises another question. Do i need to find the AVR remote, turn AVR on and select Spotify input to start playback from Spotify app? Or can Spotify app turn AVR on and select correct input when i select payback on AVR from Spotify app? Yamaha receivers can be turned on over network using Yamaha remote control app, so this should be possible.

If i always need to use Spotify app and manually turn everything on and select inputs then this Spotify Connect feature is kind of pointless (at least for me). I can do this now using BT. Waiting for more information about this Spotify Connect feature.


Will the Yamaha rx-A2020 aventage model also receive a firmware upgrade with Spotify Connect?  Just bought that model and it would suck if it didnt...

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Spotify Connect can't play music from Spotify without using the Spotify app Connect feature? 


In short, your mobile or desktop device with Spotify installed is the remote. However, this yields a number of benefits while we continue to roll the feature our on all platforms. For example, you don't need proximity to the device to control it. Also, its means all the Spotify features like Radio, Collection, and Browse will be available via your mobile device. 


Is the rollout completely random or can I do something to get it on my iPad? 


Largely, the rollout is random but we'll be sure to let you guys know as the rollout reaches more devices. The Connect button will be visible once you have the feature. Remember, you can use it to remote control between your other devices, as well as save playback. 


@salileo13 We'll have more information about which devices are supported in the near future. 




Hi Rorey,


Thanks for the updated info you are giving us.

In my particular case, I own a Pioneer SC-LX56 AV receiver that I bought last may this year.

A few days ago, Pioneer Europe released a press kit giving a list of the devices that will be receiving the firmware update.


As you may read, regarding the AV receivers, the Pioneer SC-LX57 (a new model released only one month ago) will be receiving the firmware update but Pioneer SC-LX56 is not included.


If you compare the specifications of the SC-LX57 vs. the SC-LX56 you will find that they are almost identical products (both have the same protocol to get the wifi connection) so I have just email Pioneer so they can let us know if they have plans to release the firmware update for ALL their products that are actually compatible with Spotify Connect service (that is, that have a WIFI chip)... I will let you know with the answer of Pioneer as soon as I get it.


In any case, in my honest opinion, Spotify as a partner of those manufacturers, could (should) insist on them to update the products that can handle Spotify Connect so more people can enjoy the music from our devices.




PS : sorry for my poor English.  

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Thanks @Evergreen74 !


To get a bit technical, the supported chips are SMSC and Frontier Silicon (though I admit it can sometimes be difficult to find out if your device has one of those supported chips). If the parter's device has this supported chip, you should be good to go. However, for most, I'm hoping to be able to update the community as actual device lists become available.


BTDubs, your English is just fine. 


Hi Rorey,


Actually, as far as I know neither new model SC-LX57 nor the SC-LX56 have an integrated Wi-Fi chip. Instead, both models use this USB Wireless LAN Adapter:


But you are right, there is no way to find out if this adapter have integrated either SMSC or Frontier Silicon chipsets, but my guess is that given that the SC-LX57 receiver uses the same wifi adadpter that my SC-LX56, both of them should be ready to support Spotify Connect.


Please let us know if you can get a complete list of compatible devices from your manufacturer partners.


Thanks again for your interest.


Hi Rorey and rest of the forum,


I am afraid I coming with bad bad news… I am completely upset with Pioneer…

They reply to my question saying that, for “technical reasons” only the last models of AV receivers will be receiving the Spotify Connect firmware update. That is, only the AV receivers released to the market TWO MONTHS ago will enjoy this new feature. Receivers that are actually still in the stores like the whole 2012 product line will NOT receive the update.


They completely ignored my comment about model SC-LX56 and SC-LX57 having exactly THE SAME network capabilities, even more, they both getting the wifi connections thru the SAME USB Wireless LAN Adapter.


I have downloaded the manual for the new model SC-LX57 and it is almost the same manual that I own for my SC-LX56 receiver. If you go the chapter “Playback with network features” you can read exactly the same thing in both manuals.


I have been comparing side by side the specifications of both SC-LX56 and SC-LX57 models and the only differences are a few extra watts and additional ports (mainly HDMI) and the 4K up scaling… for the rest, they are the exactly the SAME product.


In their email, after explaining how the Spotify Connect will work (nothing new) they come saying that “for technical reasons only the last generation equipment will be able to access to Spotify Connect” and the they list those products: all the AV receivers launched last June 2013 but, surprise, surprise they also include their 3 wireless speakers (SMA 1, SMA 3 and SMA4) that were released… last June 2012.

That is: given that Pioneer still have not released this year any wireless speaker to the market, it is OK to update the last year models… it seems there are not “technical problems” in that specific case. SHAME ON YOU Pioneer!


After reading the message from salileo13 regarding his Yamaha RX-A2020 just bought, I paid a visit to Yamaha site… bad news for you salileo13, same **bleep** that on Pioneer: only the 2013 models will be receiving the Spotify Connect update… It is pertinent to note that also in the case of Yamaha the AV receivers get the WIFI connection trough a LAN adapter. Same LAN adapter for both RX-A2030 (that will be receiving the update) and RX-A2020 (that will not). Sorry mate.

So for me it is completely clear that the Spotify Connect feature is being used for those Spotify partners (at least when it comes to Pioneer and Yamaha) not give an extra option to all the Spotify Premium users but instead to force us to buy their last equipment… sad… VERY VERY sad.


So, I do not know Rorey if you have something to say regarding this, but I would begg you to raise this to someone at Spotify, just to make clear the strategy that those partners will be following regarding this great idea called Spotify Connect.


Needless to say that I will keep emailing Pioneer until they recognize that they will not update compatible equipment just because they do NOT WANT to.




Does this mean that I can control Spotify on my desktop computer from another Spotify? The wording here isn't very clear, nor is the video. It appears more like it's only for controlling some specialized speaker systems.