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Hello folks and welcome to our monthly "Spotify Ideas Review"                                                                                                  

(this is just a monthly report! If you want post an idea click HERE)



We are very happy to present our third “Spotify Ideas Review-November”: a place where you will be able to check everything related to how you would like to see Spotify improved. As most of you must already know, we use this section to update you on the ideas statuses and their progress in one place. We also want to use this place to say "THANK YOU" to both, all the awesome people who give us amazing ideas about how to improve our service, and our "ideas keepers". You really make the "Ideas Exchange" better and we definitely couldn't do this without you. You guys rock!


The ideas reviews report contains the same sections but we have added a new one "Some interesting numbers!":



*The IDEA of the MONTH


*Your FAVORITE ideas


*Implemented Ideas


*Some interesting numbers!







So! The hottest idea during November was..…


 if a song is in my playlists


Thanks belongs to…atzxarxes since your idea has reached 233 kudos in less than one month!!

This is truly awesome...congrats for bringing this up and hopefully we will bring news soon on this topic!







Screen Shot 2012-09-24 at 11.01.22 AM.pngHere you have some of the top ideas which we have passed internally, discussed with the rest of the team and they are now...Under Consideration! Check them out for next updates....;)


 1. Release notes when Spotify is updated:

     Since this is one of the biggest features requested with more than 1000 kudos and lot of comments, we have discussed it with the rest of the team and now we are considering. So check the thread out and we might have news soon!

Thank you jaknudsen. Awesome idea 🙂



2. Discount Family Subscriptions!:

    Thanks to djbyronThe team is considering it and thinking now on how to make this work. The more people who can enjoy Spotify, the best!



3. Explicit button

Thank you sekuether21!! We really understand can be really frustrating and we have heard a lot of feedback on it (both songs and ads). Since this is happening and we really care, we marked the idea as "Under Consideration", vote it up!



4. Implement a Recycle Bin / Deleted Items / Trash Can - easy recovery for deleted playlists:

One of our great super Spotify experts () brought this up and we all agree it would be such an useful feature. The team is considering it now... thanks for all your kudos, comments and great feedback!



5. Customization of playlists (cover and description box)

Thanks djazz!! This is veeery cool and we know lots of folks would like to have this option. Check this thread out for the next update.

We love your feedback and we hear it loud and clear 😉







This month we are very proud to announce the following implemented ideas, yay!




1. IPhone 5 app!


A lot of iOS users really wanted to see a specific Spotify app for iphone 5 and we did too!


Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 1.40.09 PM.png



2. Spotify for Ireland!


Irish folks finally can enjoy Spotify! Congratulations, welcome board to Spotify! We really hope you enjoy the music as much as we do 🙂


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This month we wanted to add this new section since we thought you would like to check some numbers related to the ideas.....


Total Ideas : 2770!!


Under Consideration.....: 40!!


Nearly 900 of "Good Ideas!" 😉


Total Ideas posted in November: 341


Total comments during November: 1117!!






Last month we introduced you guys our -SPOTIFY IDEAS KEEPER-, even he had a tough November...he´s been as helpful as usual or even more this month.

Our biggest THANK YOU to one of our best community contributors and ideas expert. You are doing such a great job in one of the most tricky community areas...thanks 😉




Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 3.51.18 PM.png



Also special mention to the ones who have been also doing a GREAT job in this section during November: are also putting a lot of efforts in the ideas section, thanks guys, that is great!! 



This month we´ve had such a great number of ideas and comments, so thank you all!


dtrounson, RichOfTheJungleinteebeedlucero23ChriistiianChitaShinesflynnmjrZaroukNickB707takingbackbenny,




kookioqronos1armanschwarzralfhausergrahammmniqlazbayslineTheIsingGuy, Iturralde....and more.....gracias!!



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Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

The iPhone 5 update was lame by the way. Album art is letterboxed. The extra space was not used like the actual idea asked for.


The design of the iPhone app is very outdated and could use a UI redeisgn so it compares to the iPad app.


The update even removed some very useful playlist features, and devs didn't say when those are coming back. =(


How about allowing Pages to have spotify? I think this would be great for Pages (businesses, organizations etc) to showcase personality on their Page. Think about in a lobby, or in an office...many times there is a little background music. I'd love to be able to have my clients and friends and prospects listen in on what we are listening to in the office!

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