Spotify for iOS 0.5.5

Spotify for iOS 0.5.5

Spotify Legend


Hello folks! 


We just release an update for Spotify on iOS.


As well as the usual bug extermination, this version says a big hello to…


  • New: Sort your playlists. Tap the lovely "Sort" button next to the search field to sort by track, album, artist etc. (iPad only)
  • New: Friendlier login for first-time users (iPhone only)
  • Improved: Your settings are now arranged by category.
  • Improved: Want to search among your friends? OK. (iPad only)
  • Improved: Radio now loads faster. Blink and you’ll miss it.
  • Fictitious: This app makes a lovely cup of tea.


This is already available in the App Store. Enjoy it 🙂




That's great and all but why the he** couldn't you implement sorting on the iPhone as well?! It's soo darn irritating that I have to scroll down through superlong playlists all the way to the bottom and then slowly scroll up to find the last added batch of songs so I can listen to the latest ones...


Edit: Don't get me wrong, you guys are doing a good job. It's just that this is such a basic functionality and really needed on the phone.


Agree with this totally!  I was excited at first to see this addtion and then disappointed to see iPad only.  Been waiting for this on the iPhone for a long time.


When will we be able to take advantage of the real estate of the new Iphone 5? The 4" screen?


is it expected ??

Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

iPhone 5 support is confirmed for the next iOS release.


There is no ETA, but it's coming soon.


What about Windows phone app? No update since nov -11 and the thing is almost unusable with all its bugs.. AND NO RESPONSE FROM SPOTIFY CREW... Thank you for accepting my money every month,, i wish i could get something back soon:-(