Spotify paints it black with new look

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Spotify paints it black with new look


New Spotify Look


Today we’re launching the best-looking Spotify ever. Introducing a new darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography, playing your favourite music has never looked so good.


We’re not only improving our looks though. We know how much you love playlists, but that you’ve been looking for more ways of managing your music. So today we’re introducing Your Music: helping you save, organise and browse your favourite music the way you want to. All in one place, and across all platforms.


Building your personal music collection just got a lot easier.


  • Content is king. Our new design makes accessing your favourite music smoother than ever before. The new dark theme and refined interface lets the content come forward and ‘pop’, just like in a cinema when you dim the lights.
  • It’s Your Music collection. Save albums and browse their beautiful cover art, gather your favourite artists and create playlists for every mood and moment. Found a song or album that you like? Just hit save to add it to your collection. It’s that simple.
  • We know you’ll love it. We’ve listened to all your great feedback to ensure that everything looks and feels just right. You told us you preferred a darker interface – so here it is.

We’re also improving our Browse feature, delivering even more relevant and localised content. So regardless of whether you’re looking for something to fall asleep to, or the perfect playlist to get you geared up for your big night out, finding the right music for every moment is easier than ever.


Our new design, Your Music and the updated Browse will roll out gradually to our iPhone, desktop and web users from today, and will soon be available across all platforms.


Welcome to the dark side.


Are there no color options in Preferences?  I have to my laptop screen in an exact position to see page easily.  

Casual Listener

To add insult to injury the 'new design' now removed the personal playlists even further to the background on mobile phones.

This means you need now three steps to reach your own music preferences.


Besides this idiocy, nothing notable happened (except the overexaggerated claims to have 'the best design ever') 






Casual Listener

The black layout looks nice and all but it is very dificult to see the handles in the scrollbars! They should be better difined with some lighter or different couler for example the Sporify green.

Casual Listener
Corrections: difficult and color is the right spelling 🙂
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Community Manager

Hi everyone. This topic is quite old and getting very full now.


If you want to give your feedback on the latest desktop release, please do so here.


If you have a good idea or suggestion for improvement, please have a read through the currently posted ideas and, if you find that your idea hasn't been posted yet, feel free to submit a new one.