Spotlight: Female Rock Stars in the Community

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Today we’d like to introduce you to two of our female Rock Stars which continuously contribute to our Community with their dedication, love for music and helping out! They’re some of the best examples that our Community is a place of diversity in terms of gender, interests, ideas and passion.


You might already know Bruna (19 years old, from Brazil) and Claudia (24 years old, from Estonia) from our Backstage Intro series. 


Claudia's artwork :)Claudia's artwork 🙂       Bruna and her pets :)Bruna and her pets 🙂

How it all began:


A friend of Bruna’s recommended the RSP to her. Participating in the RSP turned out to be a great way to find like-minded people. 


For Claudia it all started when she was struggling with the Spotify Web Player. After getting what she came for - a fix - she stuck around to help other users with the same issue. Giving solutions made her a Rock Star in time! 


Sharing their experience:

One great thing Bruna and Claudia learned while helping out in the Community is how a business should treat its customers. They made new friends from all over the world. And they got to make other users’ days brighter. 


These two Rock Stars have a desire to talk to people and find it interesting to share experiences. You can find them participating in the Help Boards and sharing valuable knowledge.


Bruna and Claudia get a helping hand from Spotify managers and moderators when needed. Both of these Rock Stars have earned thumbs-up on their suggested solutions and special Spotify prices! 


On music and women:

Claudia and Bruna have a message to all women interested in music forums. “Come and have a blast! The Music Chat is waiting,” Claudia says enthusiastically. For Bruna “It’s a great way to discover new songs and share her favorite ones while engaging with other users.” Time to dive in the Community!


Advice to all who want to join:


Bruna keeps her advice to the point - “Don't be shy and talk to other Stars.” 


Claudia says: “Don’t be too result-oriented (don’t do this only for getting prizes or to rank up). Have fun, enjoy being around (we are all very nice people!) and share good music.” With this, the Rock Stars leave us with food for thought. 


If you want to meet more people like them, you know where to go. Feel free to ask questions, give answers and share your passion for music. New friends are just around the (Community) corner 🙂

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Great one @Petya!


@Brunelicia and @Sebasty -- great 🙂


Wao... Really Great experiecne you are sharing . Thank You keep it up 



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I'm jealous !!

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Hi I know this probably isn't the best place for me to ask my questions but I was trying to figure out how to post a new thread/start a new discussion or whatever and came across this and figured hey I'll ask anyway...


So I self released (via TuneCore) an EP in 2014 and an album in 2015 and ya know, they got some plays. Nothing too crazy but I felt like a rockstar considering I made the songs with a first gen. MacBook running garage band with the built in mic.


I got some underground college radio play and had a handful of super fans, literally one small handful which is practically nothing but STILL - felt like a total rockstar ya know?


At some point I did let my releases expire as I hoped maybe to re-release with another service/entice a label to take me under their wing, etc. I played shows and I kept releasing via BandCamp, I think there is over ten hours of my music available on my BandCamp profile.


(Sorry if I'm rambling on, I'll try to sum this up.)


Anyway, I recently re-released a good portion of my discography (via distrokid) as well as some brand new stuff and was not so delighted to find there was someone else using my artist name.


The new Instagram stories music sharing (which I have learned is licensed independent from Spotify) had linked all of my 100+ songs to the newly created and "verified" profile of this other dude.


I did try to speak with the other dude now using the "Kid Indigo" name and he did not respond, and just tweeted weird passive aggressive stuff instead. 


My point is that when I first uploaded all of my stuff again I noticed that the algorithmic radio suggestions i.e. daily mix etc. were linked directly to the other Kid Indigo, a daily mix playlist would have my face as the cover art say it is featuring Kid Indigo (presumably me) and other artists (definitely algorithmically suggested based on lister preferences linked to the other profile). One of their less popular songs is still linked to mine when I look at my all time stats on Spotify for Artists (though it no longer appears on my profile)


Shortly I noticed that my songs then disappeared from these daily mix playlists and only the other artists appeared. Since then people have actually let me know that in a notable way I am not appearing in their daily mix playlists at all, while literally every single other artist they ever play or even think about playing does. 


I don't mean to be whiny or weird or anything but I am actually just genuinely curious about this whole process, what do I do now?









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Kid Indigo (Spotify artist profile) 

here's this just in case ya care...

Kid Indigo (Aubrey Ella Hart)