Spring 2022 Ideas Review

Spring 2022 Ideas Review



The Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated in the past few months.


Below you can find the statuses changed for the last couple of months. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?





1.  Auto-delete played and/or downloaded podcast episodes
After couple of submissions this idea for having such an option for auto-removing played Podcasts has gained speed and it has been implemented.


2. [Desktop] Put the Liked Songs back under each band's/artist's page for the desktop app

Users have requested to have the old UX/UI experience in this idea, and we've listened!


3. [Mobile] Mobile app playlists INSIDE FOLDERS should have option to sort in custom order

This suggestion for keeping the custom order of playlists inside folders was also quickly implemented, after users have requested it.


4. [AutoPlay] Option to toggle Autoplay on/off across all devices/platforms

Heavily requested and massively voted for, now the idea about having Autoplay settings across all platforms is reality! 


5[Mobile] View & Play local Files on your Device directly in Spotify

Users requested to use the mobile version of the Spotify app as media player for Local files, just like on desktop. And now they can!


6. [Playlists] Only selected Playlist Authors for Collaborative Playlist

There was a lot of feedback around Playlist Privacy and especially about the Collaborative ones.  We can happily say that now we have new settings that were implemented and they were inspired by the ideas related to this (also see the two ideas below).


7. [Playlists] Limit Editing Access in Collaborative Playlists


8. [All Platforms][Playlists] Public Collaborative Playlist


9. [Subscription] Google Play Payment

A great idea that has been implemented and now users have the option to use Google play credit as a payment method. The more options the better!


10. Swipe to queue a track in Android

This was one of the most popular requests for the past months. We're happy to announce that this feature is now rolling out on Android devices. If you don't see it yet, don't worry as it will be available for you soon. Just make sure to keep your app up to date.


Happy to share it's been implemented: you can now rate shows as well as take a look at their rating average and total count on mobile 🙂

















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Spotify Legend

A strong quarter for Community Ideas - well played!


So a "let us rate podcasts" suggestion with 94 votes gets implemented, yet a "Not Interested" button with over TWO THOUSAND votes back from 2021 October and earlier is still being looked into? 


Please can someone explain that to me. I'm genuinely baffled how Spotify can say they care about their customers yet are willingly ignoring a massive portion of those on this forum. 


When will the ability to shuffle play all downloaded songs be (re)added? It’s a fraction of the engineering effort wasted on some of these implemented ideas and would actually be useful. 


Some good ideas implemented there but no mention of an idea that has over 25,000 votes - the delayed introduction of HiFi audio. What's happening with it? 


My idea is pay more money and get less ads. I hate adverdisment, fing hate it. Please give me personally the option to pay 50% (or whatver) more and then don't get advertisment in podcasts.

I would, but i don't listen to podcasts on spotify (if they have ads).
In a premium service i don't want no ads, not even in podcasts, and if this premium service hast to be more costly, then let it be.


bring back spotify radio, I discovered so many great artists/groups this way and now it's impossible since Discovery Weekly gives me the same artists or artists I already follow. Spotify Radio was such a great concept.