Spring Ideas Review 2021

Spring Ideas Review 2021


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Below you can find the statuses changed over the past couple of months.


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[Desktop] Option if Spotify links should open native Spotify app or Webplayer

Now you can open links directly in the Spotify app!


[Mobile] Playlist Customization: Edit Cover and Caption 

Very requested, here it finally is: the option to edit your playlists' covers and descriptions on mobile 🙂


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. [All Platforms][Other] Mono option for hearing impaired

Genuinely happy to share that this amazing feature, which allows you to have the same exact audio for the left and right headphone/speaker, is now becoming available🎉


. [All Platforms][Music] HiFi Quality - Lossless Streaming 16bit 44.1khz

Another super-popular one 🙂 

Yes, Spotify HiFi is coming!


[Your Music] Make 'Your Music' offline on Desktop

With the new Desktop app, seems like the chance for this to happen might be close!


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Seeing friend activity on all spotify devices! at least chromebook!


I like the new interface but the search bar being "cropped" at the top of the page is really getting on my nerves when I go to look up a song. Would be nice if it could look the way it does on mobileScreenshot 2021-04-18 10.37.45 PM.png


On the Desktop app, I'd like the option to configure to some extent which groups/categories of suggestions and songs appear, and in what order, especially on the landing page (i.e. the first you see when opening the app, before you need to scroll). Why not have the option to pin a certain number of categories to the landing page.

People use Spotify in different ways, and for me having podcasts thrust upon me at the top of the homepage is a poor user experience, even though others will find it useful. This could be achieved by a "More options" or "..." label next to the "See all" label, for example. Click here could give you the option to "Hide category" or similar.

I like the "Made for you" category, but this appears way down the homepage. Why not have an option to pin this (or other categories) to the top of the page?


Please move the "About" section back to a tab at the top of an artists page! Also go back to it being embedded instead of a pop-out tab. It's unnecessary scrolling. 


hi im from the MENA region and i would like to suggest to add some features like canvas and full song lyrics to our region, we feel its completely unfair that we do not get the same features as other regions, we pay the price for the premium subscription and we are blocked off certain features. I at least would like you to make the features available to our region and im sure most of the users here agree to this. thank you


How about fixing the "update" to the desktop which absolutely sucks. You took away tons of features, wasted a ton of screen real-estate and made it painful to use. That's some progress.

Casual Listener

Allow us to rate podcasts and support our favorite creators. Apple is going to eat your podcast lunch


The new UI makes a song automatically repeat if you played it using the search function. For example, if I want to listen to "Hello" by Adele, I'd search for it in the search bar and it'd appear in "top results". Then I'll play it, but after the song plays "Hello" would REPEAT itself again before moving on to the "Hello" song radio. So no matter what, I'll always be listening to the same song twice if I played it by looking up the search bar (which is what I normally do).


Please disable this feature! The next song on the song radio should immediately play after the song I searched for ends. I rely on the song radio function a lot as I usually search for songs rather than play from a playlist.


Bring back being able to see who follows your playlists!

Casual Listener

Spotify, please give us the old web app back. This new UI is awful and makes it feel like I'm using an iPad's app on my PC. It's overly buggy too. The friends tab doesn't update their activity correctly, the text is tiny and almost every time you can only see a few of the words of your friend's songs since it now puts the artist and song name in the same column for some reason. Also why would the search bar be it's own thing now? This just makes it unnecessarily more difficult to just quickly search up a song when there's not just a bar on the top like it should be. Also when I search a song and click on the title of it, I just want more info on the song, not to play the song. This new feature just makes it impossible to view albums and songs unless you're going to automatically start playing them. This new UI is not intuitive whatsoever and feels like it belongs on a touch screen device or  a TV. It's not place for a PC. The old one was simple and elegant, now the interface is overly complicated and poorly designed...

Music Fan

How about protecting your users privacy and allowing them to block and remove followers. Your “service” has enabled violent predators and stalkers for over 10 years now. There are requests in the forums dating back ten years. 10 YEARS! 

And despite having a restraining order myself, your company has done NOTHING. You collect countless dollars daily. Don’t you think it’s time you actually start listening and caring about your users privacy and safety? 

oh by the way, stalking and harassment are still illegal in all 50 states, in case you forgot. 

Casual Listener

Release a classic version of the old desktop app.  Simple and easy option to fix all the issues with the new one.


Please review the new desktop app thread to read thru the multitude of issue people have with it.  It has been updated multiple times and I have yet to see one fix or idea from the thread  implemented.  Even the ones that require nothing more then changing a single number in the code to solve.


Changing the font / colour of the Shuffle Play and Add Songs buttons was so unnecessary and just ugly to be honest. Most of the latest aesthetic changes are not appealing at all


Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

Hey @jovem1 


You can read more information about the button changes here: