Stream On: New Daily Mixes

Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16

Stream On featured a great deal of exciting announcements for music and discovery. One thing I’m thrilled about are the new Daily Mixes.


The new Daily Mixes, made for you, are a great way to discover new music from new artists, genres and decades. Daily Mix is a personalised playlist with music from genres you love and a dash of discovery, refreshed every day. 


With the extension of Daily Mix, Spotify will add new mixes that are not just based on genre, but also feature artists and music from decades you’ve been loving lately. The new mixes refresh every day and continue to improve as you listen to your favorite tunes. 


Hope you’re as excited as I am about this. Let’s get ready to discover new favorites with these new Daily Mixes. You’ll find them on your Spotify app in the coming months!



Casual Listener

Really like this, more personalized mixes for me, but can you add the "I don't like this song, or artist" button for Genre Mixes and Artist Mixes just like Weekly playlist has? Would be appreciate this.