The New Desktop App


UPDATE - April 16th, 2021

Hey folks,


We've tried to cover most of the frequently asked questions concerning the new update in this Spotify Answer - Make sure to check it out!


We'll continue to go through all your posts in this blog, so if you have any other questions besides the ones in the FAQ, feel free to add them in a comment below.



The Community Moderator Team


UPDATE - April 8th, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we published a blog post on our engineering blog which goes into more details on the new UI, the reasons behind it and the process of building it.  If you'd like to read a few more details like that you can check it out here.

I'd also like to mention a few things coming in upcoming versions of Desktop

  • We're working on bringing back a list-like Discography view, something many of you have mentioned missing in the new UI.  We expect this to land in an upcoming release, so do watch this space and make sure you remain fully updated.
  • "Discovered On" playlists for artists will be back in an upcoming release.
  • We're working on bringing to Desktop the ability (like in our mobile apps) to see all the saved songs by a particular artist from within the artist page itself.  Again this will be arriving in an upcoming Desktop release.





Hi everyone

Dan here from the Desktop team again. I wanted to make another post to once again thank you all for your continued feedback, and also give a little more detail about what we’re doing from here on in.


In short, the new user interface is the future of the Spotify Desktop client, and over the coming weeks we’ll roll out the new UI to all Desktop users. Many of you will have noticed already, but we’ve based the new experience on the more modern and scalable Web Player codebase, and in doing so made both versions more aligned and easier to use than ever before.

Why are we making this change?

We believe in the future of the Desktop platform and want to make sure it can still serve the needs of our users now and into the future. 

The existing Desktop UI codebase became increasingly hard to maintain as time went on, and you may have noticed a growing gap between the Desktop and Mobile apps in some cases. For those of you interested in the technical details, a blog post on the engineering blog is coming soon. The short story, however, is that our desire to continue pushing Desktop forward and bringing new features to it became incompatible with the reality of maintaining the legacy experience.


Meanwhile, we had a Web Player serving similar user needs, but built in a much more modern and scalable way — with a more cohesive Spotify “look & feel”. We therefore resolved to use the Web Player UI code as the basis for both Web and Desktop in the future, and have been spending quite some bringing the Desktop-class features that you’ve come to expect to this shared platform. You’ve had a sneak peek of this as we’ve been testing and building things out, so once again I’d like to thank you for both being a part of it and giving great feedback on this thread that has definitely helped us improve.

Benefits of this approach

Firstly, I’d like to say that this really is a new beginning for the Desktop app. Long-term Desktop users will start to notice more rapid iteration on the app than they’ve seen in the past.


I’d like to call out some of the things in the new Desktop, and also give you a little taste of what’s to come.


Design - We’ve focused on consistency, are using more color to enhance the experience where appropriate, and are making better use of cover art and album images in the app. We're also better aligned to other platforms, put an increased focus on accessibility, interactions and animations, and have tightened up our design language, so it’s more in line with what users have come to expect from Spotify.


Functionality - We’ve brought the functionality that users expect from Desktop, like sorting/filtering, drag & drop, and advanced settings and options, whilst improving areas like playlist creation and curation, profile pages, and more. In many cases these improvements have landed in the Web Player, so the work here has benefited our combined users on both platforms.

Tip! You’ll also find new keyboard shortcuts for many tasks (press ctrl+? to see them) which makes certain actions much faster and easier for any user.

We are also aware that there are a few aspects raised in the community that haven't been fully addressed as part of this update, but items like the Search Bar and discography on artist pages have ultimately been brought closer in line with other Spotify applications. That said, we will continue to iterate on the experience across both platforms moving forward.


The future of Desktop

As mentioned above, this change to the Desktop UI gives us the ability to move faster in bringing you new improvements, features and functionality — so you can expect to see continued improvements to the client in the weeks and months to come.


Once again, I’d like to thank you all for helping us shape the Desktop App over the past year on behalf of everyone here at Spotify, and please do continue to post your feedback and use our Ideas section here in the Community to tell us what you’d like to see and why.

Thanks again,


I have updated to the new interface today (think it's version - catchy!) and concur it's not good. A lot of features I enjoyed have gone and it's incredibly slow and clunky. Please provide the option to roll back to a previous version. Flaws in this version:

Incredibly slow to move around, posisbly due to all the large graphics.
When saving an album as a playlist it just saves the name of the album, not the artist. This isn't good, I want to scroll through bands, not album titles that are meaningless.
As mentioned above, now if I notice someone has a new album I seem to need to click through 3 or 4 very slow pages to be able to add it to my library, it's incredibly slow going through each.
I am a completist and used to like scrolling down through an artists back catalogue and picking out albums in chronological order. Not just have the albums being pushed by whatever algorithm you think I need.

I really don't understand how these changes get through. Spotify should be a database for music lovers to explore and experience the music they want to listen to. This isn't good and makes the spotify interface far far worse.
also don't seem to be able to drag and drop my playlists into a new order. Unsure if this is new "functionality" or just an outcome of the entire interface being so slow and clunky.

Here are my thoughts on the new update on the desktop app.

  • The icons use a lot of space.
  • The downloading icon is annoying to look at especially when you have a whole playlist downloaded. (it uses too much space).
  • It's nice that you can see your friends' activity but it would be nice if you could hide it when minimized because it uses a lot of space. (the customers should be able to hide it by choice).
  • The playlist icons should also be hidden by choice or at least smaller and not in your face.


It reminds me too much of the app on the phone with is not great because the desktop before had its own originality and vibe and was much easier to use than now because of its functions.


The only thing I did like was how you could see your friends' activity when minimized on the desktop but it could be too much and would be much more preferable if you could hide it from time to time. And also less text. The album is not important and I wish users could be able to hide the album so it only shows song and artist and when added (except for when minimized). The downloaded icon on each song that is downloaded uses too much space. It would be nice if it was gone.

Casual Listener

They desperately NEED new UX designers and new devs at Spotify! the standard of quality and decisions being made are so poor its painful to watch. Who is genuinely in charge of this mess? they should be sacked. at the end of the day Spotify will be better off for it.. Stop ignoring all features or optimisation for Apple users. 


This update is a mess. I agree with so many user comments above. It's taking me several minutes to navigate around, so many images to load on each page, why is the artist name less important than song name or album name? Why can't I see the date I added a playlist. Why can't I view a whole artist discography anymore. Why is it so hard to drag and drop playlists.


Been with Spotify since the start and use the app everyday but can't see how I can persevere with this unless wholesale changes are made. This is awful.


I full support every word you have said. The latest update is an abhorration and rendered the desktop app unuseable.

Casual Listener

I don't like this update. The option to show unavailable (greyed) songs is also gone. I use(d) it to review my playlists and replace those songs with other available versions.

Music Fan

Someone finally laid off the crack pipe and added the "Show Desktop Overlay When Using Media Keys" option back, but it only works for songs. It does NOT WORK for podcasts, as apparently the podcast video player as handled as different stream and still shows the media overlay when playing. This is incredibly infuriating.








Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Alt+ Left/Right Arrow used to navigate history (shortcuts for top left arrows), but it does not work anymore since the latest visual rehaul.

Is this a long term removal or just a bug introduced with this new version?

Thank you,




Hi there, as many I got the new interface on PC and I'd like to share some bugs I found :


  • Biggest con I found (also the case on the Android app): when a playlist has both Spotify songs and local songs from your computer and you try to search for a local song inside the playlist with Ctrl + F, no local song can be found, only songs available on Spotify... That is a really pain so please fix it quick...
  • PageUp and PageDown: in a playlist I can only hit these keys twice before it's not continuing to do so...
  • Not necessarily a bug but when I click on the full screen toggle (right bottom of the interface) the cover is displayed in big for 2 seconds then it's shrunk, but with the old interface I liked to do this to see the cover in big, now it's not possible anymore... Please fix this or make it that when you double click on the cover it's displayed in full size again.

But overall I think it's a much better experience than the previous client for which you had to wait 15 seconds for a mere ctrl+f through a 5k+ songs playlist... Now it's instant and that's sooo much better, thanks for FINALLY fixing it !


nwadham I noticed this too but I think it's a  setting from now on : I found a greyed song in a playlist so that's my guess


Oh also the shortcuts to go back to the previous page and to the next one are gone, please bring it back!! I used to have a macro on my mouse with 2 buttons allowing quick navigation with these alt+left and alt+right shortcuts


I'm sorry, but I don't like the new update. It's really complicated and annoying. The design of the 'friend activity' part in the old version was very nice. But now fonts are too small and incompatible. And I can't adjust the page sizes. The home screen remains small. I used to be able to adjust the size the way I wanted. Now it's all so complicated and more exhausting. I was disappointed. I want to use the old version. Would you please help me get back to the old version? It's really bad right now. Don't ignore people who want to use the old version. Please, it's our right, those who want to use the old version should be able to use the old version. Please pay attention to our opinions.

Casual Listener

What happened to the ability to play only favorited tracks from an artist? I use to be able to go to 'Artists' or to the artist itself and play only the tracks I favorited from them. It appears that ability is completely gone now?


I understand that things change and we users can sometimes be resistant to change, but this new desktop app is flat out bad. It looks horrible. Nothing has been improved and I have apparently lost the main way I listen to music.


Followed playlists option to make them public/secret seems to be gone after the update. They're all set to secret now, excluding your own made playlists where the option to toggle still exists.

About the playlists themselves, the added icons infront of each song are way too much on my face now. There should be a setting to hide the icons or make the song listing much smaller otherwise. It is not fun having to scroll a lot more on 5k song playlists.

Also a major turnoff with this new sorting is the artist name that's put below the songs, making playlist browsing even more of a mess. Put the artist bar back on the line where it used to be. Whole listing has way too much wasted empty space atm, so it's not like there isn't room to do this.

Like many others has already said, the search bar hidden behind the search column is a big downgrade and should be reverted.

"Made For You" button missing I also do not understand, and "Uniquely Yours" seems to be missing playlists for some reason. And don't even get me started with the Artist page which is a disaster...

Basically this whole update is just going backwards in terms of usability, everything is hidden behind everything. I've always preferred the simplicity and clearness of Spotify. I really hope there is still major changes coming up to fix some of the bigger issues cause right now this seems unfinished.

Casual Listener





Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Where has the ability to play 'liked' songs by an artist gone? Before this recent update, you used to be able to either go to 'Artists' or the artist page itself and choose to play only 'liked' songs. That ability appears to be completely gone. As far as I can tell, the only place to hear 'liked' songs is by going to the 'Liked Songs' playlist, which contains EVERY song you've liked.


How can I listen to only the songs I want to from a particular artist? It's like you've killed the whole reason to like songs.



I just got upgraded to the new Spotify UI and I must say it is not very nice to use.

My current version is

I mainly listen to podcasts, and in the left menu there is no more "Podcasts" link. So previously I got to my podcasts in one click, now I have to make 2.

I have not found a way to filter out the podcast episodes I have already listened to, so I need to scroll down to the episode I want. If I have happened to miss any then finding those between the ones I have listened to will be a nightmare.

The cards for episodes are way too big, which means that the scrolling time is quite annoying. Right now I am listening to a 300 episode podcast and I am at episode 80. The scrolling is already bad, I can't imagine what it will be when I get to 200s.

Will those features make it back into the Spotify desktop app or should I go somewhere else to listen to podcasts?


I listen to a lot of podcasts, some which have hundreds of episodes also. The new update has taken away my ability to see what I have already listened to which is a nightmare, it also isn't marking any new ones I play as listened. I have had to take up writing down on paper what episode I'm on per podcast which is ridiculous.

Also the new U.I. is awful.

Casual Listener


Just got the update. 

Not reading through all these threads, but here's my #1 issue:

I can't drag the title of an album to a playlist folder and have it create that playlist.

Also, far too much whitespace (on a 2K monitor), please make it more information dense.

I think your users would appreciate a real user manual to guide us through things. No more of this online help **bleep**. Give us a pdf or a straightforward SSG based doc library - and don't mix mobile + desktop per page (that's very un-user friendly document design).


I'm on

Also, I just noticed the 'Artist' tab to sort songs by isn't there anymore. Not only is it now in a drop down list, but it also doesn't seem to work (or at least doesn't sort per alphabetical order anymore).

Come on guys... you can do better than this.