The New Desktop App

The New Desktop App


UPDATE - April 16th, 2021

Hey folks,


We've tried to cover most of the frequently asked questions concerning the new update in this Spotify Answer - Make sure to check it out!


We'll continue to go through all your posts in this blog, so if you have any other questions besides the ones in the FAQ, feel free to add them in a comment below.



The Community Moderator Team


UPDATE - April 8th, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we published a blog post on our engineering blog which goes into more details on the new UI, the reasons behind it and the process of building it.  If you'd like to read a few more details like that you can check it out here.

I'd also like to mention a few things coming in upcoming versions of Desktop

  • We're working on bringing back a list-like Discography view, something many of you have mentioned missing in the new UI.  We expect this to land in an upcoming release, so do watch this space and make sure you remain fully updated.
  • "Discovered On" playlists for artists will be back in an upcoming release.
  • We're working on bringing to Desktop the ability (like in our mobile apps) to see all the saved songs by a particular artist from within the artist page itself.  Again this will be arriving in an upcoming Desktop release.





Hi everyone

Dan here from the Desktop team again. I wanted to make another post to once again thank you all for your continued feedback, and also give a little more detail about what we’re doing from here on in.


In short, the new user interface is the future of the Spotify Desktop client, and over the coming weeks we’ll roll out the new UI to all Desktop users. Many of you will have noticed already, but we’ve based the new experience on the more modern and scalable Web Player codebase, and in doing so made both versions more aligned and easier to use than ever before.

Why are we making this change?

We believe in the future of the Desktop platform and want to make sure it can still serve the needs of our users now and into the future. 

The existing Desktop UI codebase became increasingly hard to maintain as time went on, and you may have noticed a growing gap between the Desktop and Mobile apps in some cases. For those of you interested in the technical details, a blog post on the engineering blog is coming soon. The short story, however, is that our desire to continue pushing Desktop forward and bringing new features to it became incompatible with the reality of maintaining the legacy experience.


Meanwhile, we had a Web Player serving similar user needs, but built in a much more modern and scalable way — with a more cohesive Spotify “look & feel”. We therefore resolved to use the Web Player UI code as the basis for both Web and Desktop in the future, and have been spending quite some bringing the Desktop-class features that you’ve come to expect to this shared platform. You’ve had a sneak peek of this as we’ve been testing and building things out, so once again I’d like to thank you for both being a part of it and giving great feedback on this thread that has definitely helped us improve.

Benefits of this approach

Firstly, I’d like to say that this really is a new beginning for the Desktop app. Long-term Desktop users will start to notice more rapid iteration on the app than they’ve seen in the past.


I’d like to call out some of the things in the new Desktop, and also give you a little taste of what’s to come.


Design - We’ve focused on consistency, are using more color to enhance the experience where appropriate, and are making better use of cover art and album images in the app. We're also better aligned to other platforms, put an increased focus on accessibility, interactions and animations, and have tightened up our design language, so it’s more in line with what users have come to expect from Spotify.


Functionality - We’ve brought the functionality that users expect from Desktop, like sorting/filtering, drag & drop, and advanced settings and options, whilst improving areas like playlist creation and curation, profile pages, and more. In many cases these improvements have landed in the Web Player, so the work here has benefited our combined users on both platforms.

Tip! You’ll also find new keyboard shortcuts for many tasks (press ctrl+? to see them) which makes certain actions much faster and easier for any user.

We are also aware that there are a few aspects raised in the community that haven't been fully addressed as part of this update, but items like the Search Bar and discography on artist pages have ultimately been brought closer in line with other Spotify applications. That said, we will continue to iterate on the experience across both platforms moving forward.


The future of Desktop

As mentioned above, this change to the Desktop UI gives us the ability to move faster in bringing you new improvements, features and functionality — so you can expect to see continued improvements to the client in the weeks and months to come.


Once again, I’d like to thank you all for helping us shape the Desktop App over the past year on behalf of everyone here at Spotify, and please do continue to post your feedback and use our Ideas section here in the Community to tell us what you’d like to see and why.

Thanks again,



It is enough! Thank you for 6 wonderful years of Spotify. Deezer is already running to my full satisfaction on all of my devices and my Spotify premium account will not be renewed. I hope you enjoy torturing your paying users. 

Casual Listener

I commented on this forum quite a while ago, (three weeks, perhaps).  I'm astonished at how the customer objections haven't de-escalated one bit. Goes to show deep-rooted and universally disdained this update really is. Feels great to see the reaction that the userbase has given. Meanwhile, the developers' silence over this fiasco is bewildering and a tad bit pathetic.

Gig Goer

I wonder if only a single Spotify employee actually likes this desktop client/disaster.

Are they truly proud of what they have accomplished here ?


This is a fun study project, design mistakes 101.


But please listen to your users, this client is horrible, just admit it and do something about it.

Try it on a 27' fullscreen and look at it; alignments, columns are messed up.

Discover albums layout width is smaller than the "browse all".

Go to "made for you" and it is even smaller, why all these inconsistencies ?


Personally I hate that the play buttons show up on the right bottom, such a massive fail on the human psychology level.


There is exactly nothing intuitive or easy about this interface.


If the interface works as human intuition would expect, you didn't need to defend your position in some FAQ. It is pure lazy work.


I am doing my research now to find either an alternative client or alternative streaming service. Have been subscriber for many years and love the discover part, but I cannot get over this horrible "experience". 




Honestly, the objections haven't de-escalated since November when we were on the forced beta testing thread that went on for 66 pages.


The new interface is not worth the new load times for me. The desktop app is unbelievably slow and clunky - to the point where it's a real problem. Substance before style please. Also, now I need two clicks to enter a word search for something? Search is my most used feature, and to not have it be one click away to enter text is frustrating. It's also much harder to browse the catalogs of artists, with their discographies nested under even more clicks. Thinking of switching to Apple Music.


Again and Again, how stupid is the Spotify Team? 1 Please explain to me how a Album Name is more visual important and not THE Artist Name? What the **bleep** you smoking?

I hate that you have (for now) the most content and I hope one day this will change!!

You can be so lucky Apple Music Team is much more smoking and can not find out anything! 

But things change... always have .... and arrogant companies like you, which not understand the customer or even try ... will disappear!



in addition, why you even bother with application? Its so obvious you have no idea at all how to make a good one. 

Why not just handling the contend business and working on usefully APIs? (which is now not really in terms of search)

So people who knows what customer want could take over the App and you just make your money with contracts?



Music Fan

It's nice to see changes from mobile coming to Desktop, but there's so much garbage that made its way in alongside the good. I have to use Search so much to get to "Made For You" tab content because "Home" doesn't always include it, instead trying to push playlists I don't care about, but you moved Search out of the top bar. You've reduced the amount of vertical space for scrolling my playlists/folders. You've made it incredibly difficult to browse an artist's discography, and totally murdered the "about" page for artists. I'm trying to look for the good, but I've only experienced regressions and bugs.


I've been premium since around the time of launch. This non-response is absolutely disgusting. You'd think after 82 pages of negative responses you get the ducking hint that not many people are happy. There are so many new accounts being made on these forums to comment on how unhappy we are. I'm canceling my Spotify premium account and paying for Deezer HiFi. Maybe I'll come back when I can use the desktop application...maybe I won't.


@all, I just realised nothing will happen. This is a waste of time to write and to hope something will happen.

Nobody listen! This forum is useless. I can not find ONE NOT ONE Topic written which did made a change. CAN YOU GIVE ME a LINK to ONE??

I say good by....  lesson learned.. again



I finally had the update pushed on my desktop app and like others I'm very unhappy with it. I hope that you consider listening to the feedback here as I will likely look for another music app if spotify can't restore the functionality of the old version.


My most missed features are:

  • Artist listed in a separate column (why, why is it tucked underneath the song name? Visually the "album" and "date added" columns now have more weight than the artist, which is madness, I don't get it)
  • Always available search bar without having to go to a new search page - I use the search incredibly frequently and it makes no sense to add extra clicks here
  • Entire discography visible on an artist page simply by scrolling down (I don't care about the "popular releases" section at all, I just want to see their whole discography)

Thanks for your time, and I hope you can bring back these features, as they are a big part of making spotify my primary music player!


Not gonna lie, the fact that I cannot see all the songs from a specific artist got me very salty. Going to every album is just awful. I could get use to the new UI, but I hate it when I am visiting a new artist. I hope that you will change your mind. The fact that the artist discography is at the bottom is just wack. How could you put it at the bottom ? I don't see any positive update from this new version. I'm sorry, but it just yuck.

Oh yeah, and it would be fun if you listen to your users because y'all have some awful ideas. Your team have some "decent" ideas, but it just very unpleased how it is placed.

Just for the love of god, listen to us.
- Your users who pays your f*cking platform. Thanks.


Where has the podcast filter option gone, to only show unplayed podcasts? With the new app, I now have to scroll through years worth of old, already played podcasts to get to the one I should listen to next. I have to keep it ordered oldest first btw, to be able to play them in chronological order. 


They've closed this 


thread due to lack of "constructive criticism". What a bunch of shiтheads.


Maybe if they bothered to read this thread they'd see it's full of both constructive criticism and angry users who are considering migrating to another platform.


Strange. You disregard simple UX goals (userrrrrrrr expierience).


Many users adress an issue: "Why click 2x for a search in stead of 1x". Searching is what we all do hundreds of times. So that means hundreds of more clicks. That's simply bad user design (?).


Your answer: It's more in line with Spotify products.


For a designer, that should be just wrong. Your customer is always right. If majority feels like it's strange to click twice, rather than just once, then it's factual bad design. You shouldn't keep it, just because it's "in line" with your own creations.



"We're working on bringing back a list-like Discography view, something many of you have mentioned missing in the new UI". Well that's good news. Although it's strange you didn't expect this. Listing songs is like function 1 for any audio player. So it's really strange you thought you could just delete it. Don't you do any user research or testing? 


So they've removed my suggestion to check out the **bleep**ing feedback and sent me**bleep**, telling me to MAKE SURE TO RESPECT them. Why should I respect anyone who doesn't respect neither me or any of their paying users?




absolute trash desktop user interface. whoever thought putting a mobile interface on a desktop application was a smart idea is completely clueless. this company from top to bottom clearly has zero respect for its user base. no one buys this bs about "making the app better for desktop users." to top it all off the "community" is run by a bunch of bots, shills and yes men who provide absolutely nothing of value. and then they have the audacity to demand respect from users (without whom their jobs wouldnt even exist). get bent.


I just realized something...


When you run Spotify, it prioritizes itself over all other opened windows on the desktop... Literally have to minimize it as it hogs the screen over other opened application windows... : \

Music Fan

@evilpp I have not experienced this behavior.  Are you on Mac or Windows?