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Ani Lou
The Tip Off

The Tip-Off: Ani Lou


tip off bunny (1).jpgStaring out of a train window on a rainy day + Daughter + echoing electric guitar = Ani Lou


Building on the list of amazing artists that have recently come from Tasmania, like Courtney Barnett and Asta, is a recent debut. Ani Lou is a truly unknown singer songwriter with an ambitious blend of dreamy folk and lush indie-acoustic. With wistful vocals that could quell a riot, she draws the listener into the lament that lies at the soul of her music.




Coming from a profound point of weakness and vulnerability, the EP Ascend is devastatingly emotional. It's beautifully simple and minimalistic, which has drawn comparisons to artists such as Julianne Barwick and Julien Baker. Like the imagery suggests, each track picks you up from your seat, and takes you to a place deep under the water. Here, you can feel the waves of fingerpicked guitar and the artist's soft, echoing voice all around you, and you can just let go.



Ani Lou has obviously poured her heart into her music. I have no doubt that the artist will grow hugely in popularity in the years to come, so get on the bandwagon before it leaves, and bliss out to this final tune:




  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 35
  • Hometown: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Winter Acoustic
  • 3 Related Artists: Wilsen, Agnes Obel, Julianna Barwick