The Tip-Off: Asha Jefferies

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Billie Marten + Laura Marling + Julia Stone = Asha Jefferies 


Welcome to the Tip-Off folks! Here we are again. It's Friday, and Fridays are all about new music discovery.

Today, I had to start this one off with a song. Sometimes words just don't cut it, and yet one track says it all. This is the perfect example. Need a little music to rescue you from the busy 9-5 race, the whirl of traffic, and the day-to-day buzz? Take a moment with this one.

Asha Jefferies is a fine example of an artist whose clear melting vocals swoop down to leave a lasting, and spellbinding impression. She also perfectly uses detailed lyrics alongside folk-inspired guitar to capture the ear, and she sure does it well!

This girl's not just an acoustic, eclectic, folk sweetheart though. Asha Jefferies throws a whole bunch of exciting, youthful attitude to the genre. She knows how to drive a beat with her guitar, and say it exactly like it is. This cheeky to-the-point song will give you an example of what I mean. A contrast to "Honey, Save Me From My Falsehoods" but still, with all that honesty just as charming.


I have a feeling this Brisbane, Australia based star is going to go far, and with 4,630 monthly listeners already she's certainly making waves.

Happy listening! And we'll catch you again next week. 


  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 4,630
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Swooping Acoustic Gems
  • 3 Related Artists: Billie Marten + Laura Marling + Julia Stone


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Rock Star 13

Outstanding tip off!


There have been so many outstanding female Australian singers of late ^_^

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Thanks @crematedman :)
Yeah there's lots! I really love her voice.