The Tip-Off: Boatkeeper

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Hey Community goers,


It's Tip-Off time 🎉


Let's get started right away by playing the '3 word' challenge for this week's fabulous artist: Boatkeeper.


Genre: Acoustic, Folk, Contemporary-Soul

Sounds a bit like: Foy Vance, Stu Larsen, Dermot Kennedy

Makes me think of: The Ocean (of course), Mountains, Running


And now, for the music...




Listening to 'Cleanse' is like laying out on calm water while the rest of the world spins chaos around you. With gentle, echoing, vocals Boatkeeper knows exactly how to introduce a track so that you're already hooked from the first twinkle of guitar strings.


Don't be fooled though, this is one of those songs that keeps breathing life from begining to end. My favourite moment being at 2 minutes 42 seconds. Here we see what those powerful vocals can really do.


Celebrated by rich backing vocals and a bit of epic guitar too, 'Cleanse' would make the perfect movie soundtrack.


Also, check out 'Ring Ring'. 




To give you a little background, in case you're new to reading The Tip-Off, this is where we let you know about artists that are already making waves, but we think there's so many more wonderful things to come from them. Meaning, we just have to let the word out because we're super-excited. However, a trend that I've mentioned before sometimes comes with this, is that they can be a little bit mysterious. Mysterious in a great way. 


What we know so far about Boatkeeper is... this is a super-talented "Singer/Songwriter from Australia". But, linking in to the above, I struggled to find out much more! This to me is in no way dissapointing, but actually really cool. I feel this suggests we are at the start of things with Boatkeeper. And, I predict a journey that's direction can only be up.





'Windward' . This is simply sounds of the sea, bells, footsteps, a light 'bottle-pop', and birds. I found this enchanting, and a really inventive way to round off having just dived into Boatkeeper's music. It's certainly clear where the inspiration lies, and this magical, nautical theme is alone as inviting as the artist.


Drifting away in happiness yet?


That's all for today, but how about listening to more of Boatkeeper below, and then commenting with your answers to the '3 word' challenge.


Sounds a bit like:
Makes me think of: 


Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 34,423
Home: Australia
Would fit best in a playlist called: Sea sounds and sweet songs
3 Related Artists: Foy Vance, Stu Larsen, Dermot Kennedy