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The Tip-Off: C Joynes

The Tip-Off: C Joynes


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Traditional English Folklore > Delta Blues + African Tribal Idiosyncrasies = C Joynes


In the way that John Fahey was a crucial figure in expanding the boundaries of the acoustic guitar, C Joynes is Arcadie’s unsung equivalent.




Residing in the idyllic English town of Cambridge, Joynes is one of acoustic music's genuine innovators. His eccentric playing style is equally frantic and loose in parts; there’s a plethora of emotion weaved into his heavily dynamic compositions.


The location seems to compliment Joynes’ musical style on a subliminal level. Cambridgeshire, with it’s olde English heritage and associations, is somewhat of a new breeding ground for fringe performers.


I was fortunate enough to catch him in the back room of a Cambridge pub this summer. Barefoot, with a 1960’s Watkins WEM Copicat Tach-Echo delay unit crudely running through a bruised semi-acoustic, he performed to a silent and captivated audience. Part African desert rock, part Delta blues, part traditional English folk, but all-encapsulating and all-fascinating. Also, anyone who sells their own pickles, jams, and preserves at a merch table is sure to get the ale-drinking punters wagging their tongues joyfully.




The coiled hints of modernism merged with ethnic tradition gives Joynes something that’s difficult to pinpoint in description. He’s as much part Robbie Basho as he is Charlie Patton or Ali Farka Touré… ‘outstanding’ in his field, Joynes is the scarecrow that has multiple mentors flying around his orbit, but still remains distant enough to give him space to not fully associate with them (pardon the pun that became a metaphor).


If Martin Carthy and Bert Jansch are the King & Emperor of British guitar-led folk music, C Joynes is the newly-borne Prince. His quiet realm of this sceptred Isle shows him as humble, but no less talented.




  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 978
  • Hometown: Cambridge, England
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: The Cecil Sharp House Pilgrimage
  • 3 Related Artists: Robbie Basho / John Fahey / Richard Dawson

You can find C Joynes' artist profile here.

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