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Jessie Ware + Jhene Aiko + Oh Wonder = CLAY

Soulful, layered, singer-songwriter sweetness crossing the boundaries between pop, R&B, and Soul. Add a generous dash of fashion to front her clear honey-like vocals, and you’ve got CLAY.


CLAY builds intricate and meaningful tracks by mixing hooks and repetition with loads of unexpected ‘earcandy’ parts. I’m not even sure what it is just yet, but there’s something about her music that just spills that pure, current, and fresh feeling.

It appears she’s pretty mysterious, with her bio simply stating:

CLAY. A singer-songwriter from San Francisco, California now based in Los Angeles.’.

After reading this across her sites, you’re left thinking “Tell us more?!”, right? But that sparse web search presence also totally adds to the magic. It’s 100% her music that’s doing the talking here, and for that she’s this week’s Tip-Off.

Her debut single is called ‘WildThing/3′s A Crowd’ A silky, mellow A-side/B-side track that seems to speak of loneliness, trends of the generation, love, and acceptance. The blend of parts in ‘WildThing/3′s A Crowd’ is so capturing that one listen isn’t enough - it’s definitely a stick on repeat song.


Had a listen now? 2:08, that’s the bit you’re thinking of. CLAY opens the track out into a warm pool of space before she picks things up a little leading into ‘So I guess i’ll go, because 3’s a crowd’. This is one of those sections that stops time for a little, allowing you to fully embrace sound. I get the feeling this girl’s pretty passionate about making music, and her footprint’s going to be a good one.



There might only be 2 tracks on her artist page right now, but something tells me this is just the start of CLAY.

Looking forward to more? Me too.


  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 15,114 monthly listeners
  • Hometown: San Francisco
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Fresh feels
  • 3 Related Artists: Jessie Ware + Jhene Aiko + Oh Wonder