The Tip-Off: Confucius MC

The Tip-Off: Confucius MC


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Wu Tang Clan - the pack ÷ South London = Confucius MC


This week, The Tip Off presents Confucius MC! I first stumbled across this South London powerhouse when listening to one of Kate Tempest’s earlier poems ‘Renegade’. In this poem she sings:


I'm a born worker.
I'm the second best MC not enough people have heard of.
The first, that was con, I've got a thirst coming on
I'm an old soul, but I maintain a young mind
And Blake showed me
Those who don't exhibit their influence
Are only holding candles to the sunshine.


The poem’s composition came long before her more recent mainstream success; at the time, not enough people had heard of her. As a huge fan of Tempest’s work, I couldn’t resist doing some digging. If she was the second best MC, I needed to find out who was number one; who was this mysterious con? If Tempest saw fit to use Blake to describe his influence, he was surely someone worth pursuing.


After scrolling through some old gig reviews and putting a few pieces together (I discovered he used to be part of a live duo consisting of himself and Tempest’s drummer, Kwake Bass), I found him. Headphones on > hit play:




'More 2 It', the title track of his 2017 EP, like most great hip-hop presents itself like collage. Samples and scratches form the backdrop over which his searing lyricism takes flight. Two minutes is enough time to realise this guy’s mind and music is focussed far beyond the superficial imagery often lazily associated with the genre. It’s clear the he and Tempest channel a very similar energy.


Inline with one of his named influences, Wu Tang Clan, Confucius MC found his name through his love for martial art films. Artists such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan eventually pointed him towards the philosophy of Confucius, which had such a profound effect that he decided to immortalise it within his personal narrative.


By day, Con runs creative writing workshops in his local community, practicing the wisdom-seeking his lyrics preach. His debut album, The Highest Order, is a clear indicator that he’s the right man for the job. Check it out:



I hope you’re as excited as I am to discover this hidden gem. Happy listening!



  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 135
  • Hometown: South London
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Woke
  • 3 Related Artists: Kate Tempest, Loyle Carner, Kwake Bass